Heading to Colorado

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I’m feeling pretty shitty still. I rode with a physician yesterday and he told me the normal time frame for something like I have going is 10 day to two weeks. I’ve never really had any type of stomach flu, but that time seems extreme.

The rest of my TradeWind Energy team mates are heading down to Oklahoma for a couple criteriums. I wish I was going too. Racing has been really spotty all season long. Mainly because of injuries and/or sickness.

I’m staying up in Beaver Creek with a billionaire. I’ve met 3 billionaires in my life. First time was Donald Trump. I’m not sure he was a billionaire when I met him though. Then Andy Rihs, BMC team owner and Swiss billionaire. This is the first time I’ve really done more than shake a hand or say hi. It’s not like I think it is really a big deal. There aren’t that many of them around, so it is somewhat special, but money doesn’t define a person. Not even close.

I’m hoping that getting up to the mountains will make me feel somewhat better. I think a little of my issues have something to do with allergies. I’ve never experienced much of an allergy problem at altitude. Maybe I’m already having too much trouble trying to get oxygen, so I don’t notice them.

It’s going to be much cooler high. But, Kansas went through a crazy cooling trend and the low was 54 last night. It is strange that the highs were nearly double that close to a week ago and now it seems down right cold.

I can get out to Denver is less than 7 hours. The speed limit the whole way is 75, so I can drive 85 mph with no worries. It’s probably closer to 6 hours to DIA since it’s only a little over 500 miles there from Topeka.

Okay, I have to get on the road. I have a 35 gallon tank of diesel, so I don’t have to stop for fuel the whole way. I’ll get coffee in Colby and that is it. It is strange thinking by early afternoon I’ll be in the mountains. Modern transportation is great.

I think I am allergic to cats, even though I’m denying it. This is Fran stopping me from packing cycling shorts last night.

And this is Willow. She’s been sleeping up on the roof lately. I’m not sure how she gets up there.

11 thoughts on “Heading to Colorado

  1. FHG

    Today’s mode of transportation in this country is antiquated. Why should you have to drive 6 to 7 hours to get to your destination 500 miles away when you can travel that distance in 3 hours if a high speed train system was available.

    And Donald Trump is not a billionaire. According to Lawrence O’Donnell, Trump is not a billionaire. Check the link below (the last two minutes are very poignant:


  2. Rich

    High speed rail sounds great, but when you get to your destination there is something to be said for having your own vehicle to get around as you want. Not too mention dragging bikes around.

  3. FHG

    Majority of the people are not carrying bikes every time they travel.
    High speed rail system works very well all over the world. Most of the big cities on the east coast are connected by trains.
    And wherever light rail or high speed rail system has been installed, infrastructure around rail station props up which allows to progress furthur to their final destination. So it is a combination of high speed rail lines, light rail and buses within the cities and if you need to proceed into the country side then rental cars. Plus train stations attract restaurants, retail shops, business complexes and housing.
    It is a win win for everyone. This country cannot continue to build more roads to alleviate the problem of congested road ways.

  4. euro

    Seeing that cat sitting on your clothes makes me sick to my stomach. Those animals are filthy.

  5. tilford97 Post author

    FHG-I’m driving so don’t have the ability to check out the video. Could on a train though.

    As far as I can tell, Trump is a billionaire. Somewhere between 1.5-7 billion. I know that is a huge range. Forbes magazine has him listed with 2.7 billion last year.

  6. FHG

    Steve, there was a lot of back and forth between O’Donnell and Trump on this issue. Trump even hinted at suing O’Donnell, which O’Donnell challenged him to do. The video clip is an interesting take on Trump.
    I do know that Trump has filled for bankruptcy atleast once.
    And I do not put much credence to these lists by Forbes or other such publications, as it is very hard to pin point a person’s net worth. Depending on their investments and holdings it can fluctuate from year to year.

  7. IntheKnow

    Enjoy Colorado, Steve. You’ll be at Ground Zero when the bomb drops on the guys who testified to USADA.

    Me thinks there will be a couple sudden retirements, in addition to one already announced (Hincapie).


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