Wiggins Smoking on Holiday / Fun Facts

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You know how the British media is on their celebrities. Below are a couple pictures of Bradley Wiggins enjoying himself in Majorca smoking. (I was really wondering how he lost so much weight.) Also, yesterday was a milestone for this website. 2,000,0000 views. It is sort of a hassle, but obviously fun too or I wouldn’t be doing it. Enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Wiggins Smoking on Holiday / Fun Facts

  1. Wildcat

    Yep, I think right now Wiggo could do anything short of biting his thumb at the Queen and get away with it.

    And yes your blog is the best I read. Although I only read three daily. Lol.

    And thank you for not selling out to the man and having a bunch of ads on here crapping up the place.

  2. Calvin Jones

    I like his Euro-style hold, nice. He looks comfortable doing this, which is actually not easy to do for amateurs. Kids, don’t try this at home.

  3. Zach T.

    Eddy Merckx smoked in the off-season, too. I quit smoking right after I got into cycling, but every once in a while, maybe once every six months, I’ll bum one off a friend.

    They always taste delicious for the first couple drags, but then my mouth sours.

  4. VCScribe

    Merckx, Anquetil, Coppi all smoked. As did Blanda, Tarkenton, Hornung, DiMaggio, Williams, Whitey Ford, Ruth, Howe, Hull, Richard, Dalglish, Best, Maradona, etc., etc. It’s not like it’ll kill ya.

    Oh, wait . . .

  5. Wild Weasel

    Wiggo should really consider wearing shirts. At least he isn’t falling off a luxury yacht or sleeping one off on the curb clutching a pink, stuffed dolphin

  6. dth

    Thanks for providing some comic relief after the whole JV thing. And is it just more or are there world champ rings on his sleeves?

    I bet he’ll never have to buy another drink in his live — something he’ll have to keep a close handle on.

  7. Bri

    That is shocking to me. I can’t imagine smoking being a cyclist. Interested to know how much it impacts your performance. I have that it takes up to 6-7 years after quitting for your lungs to heal.

  8. No Kidding

    He doesn’t have to worry about damaging his lungs. He’s on so much PED, he can sit around on the couch all year and still hang close to Froome next July.

    Oh, and he is a fucking tool, regardless.

    Still, not the first epic endurance dude to smoke. I think Gelindo Bordin won an Olympic marathon in 1988, and basically grabbed a cigarette on the victory lap. Used to always be found in the smoking lounge on the way to races, too.

    And yeah, basically all the cyclists from back in the day smoked, too. The field was level, didn’t matter much. Sort of like EPO a while back.

    Give it another 20-30 years, and we’ll wonder why we were so blind now. Read about the egg thing today?

    Oh, yeah, and Wiggins is an Indurain-level consumer of cutting-edge PEDs, and a fucking tool, too.

  9. Just Crusty

    Oh come on now, give this PEDs speculation thing a rest for a few days, at least until Judge Sam Sparks gives a ruling.

  10. Bri

    After giving this more thought today on a ride. Wiggo just won the TDF and a Gold Medal and it has shed more light on cycling in the UK then probably ever before. It’s a pity that he can’t put into perspective how influential he is for all the young cyclist or those interested in our sport. Maybe Sky should just ask Camel for sponsorship this next year. Or am I missing the bigger picture. Is nicotine a masking agent?


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