US Olympic Team Kits

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Just saw this photo from USAC of the Olympic Cycling Team kits. I kind of like the retro look. I’ve definitely seen much worse throughout history. The MTB team got pretty over shadowed by the whole road rider saga of guys not riding. It is great seeing my old team mate Todd Wells make the team again. He’s had pretty incredible results the last couple years, even this year has gone as well until recently when he rode super, finishing 4th at the Windham World Cup and won then US Short Track Nationals shortly after. Anyway, hope all these guys have good form in three weeks and I wish them luck.

Doesn’t Sam Schultz look like a little kid here at 26 years old? A very fast little kid.

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  1. Fred

    Who are those guys modling the kits? Are they riding for the us? They look like pudwackers.


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