The Cat that Steals Papers

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I stayed up way too late last night talking with my friend Ed and drinking wine. He told me that his cat, Arrow, is going to be on Animal Planet next month. His cat has this habit/routine of stealing the neighbors newspapers. The cat goes across the street and steals the Wall Street Journal and LA Times from different neighbors and brings the papers back to Ed by jumping up through a window and dropping them on the kitchen counter. The cat gets up at 4 am when he hears the paper delivery guy come by. Ed said it got really weird around Christmas when the paper weighs a ton because of all the ads. The cat just picks it up and carries it in its mouth like a dog. Anyway, below is a short Youtube video that Ed took.

3 thoughts on “The Cat that Steals Papers

  1. campbell dawson

    Thats a cracker cat. My dream is a cat video thats good enough for Youtube but our Tonkinese wont even fetch


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