Boonen to Win Tour de Suisse?

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Usually retired cycling champions seem pretty within the realm of reality and are pretty observant of the sport. Their observations seem pertinent and they usually, more times than not, come across as humble.

That isn’t true in the case of Roger de Vlaeminck. After Tom Boonen equaled his record of 4 Paris-Roubaix wins, Roger did an interview that makes him look like an ass.

First he goes and belittles the whole rest of the field with this statement – Tom can not help it that this time he had no opposition. They were not second but third-rate riders.

Then he goes on to say that Boonen needs to try to win more of the races that he won – It’s for him now to try to win Milan-Sanremo, Lombardy, Tirreno or the Tour of Switzerland. TOur of Switzerland? This guy needs a reality check.

I don’t know if Roger doesn’t live in Belgium or what, but he must not be following the sport too closely. I also don’t know if Roger knows how to use a computer, but maybe he should just go to Boonen’s wiki page and he could catch up on some of the things he has done the last decade. Like win the World Championships. Or the Green Jersey at the Tour de France. Or any one of the 100 other race wins that he has racked up as a professional cyclist.

Talk about sour grapes. This guy needs to realize that we’re not bike racing in the 70’s anymore and give Tom Boonen his due. After the past two weeks of Boonen’s results, I can’t think of anything to say about the guy other than amazing. As a Belgian, he has an obligation to agree.

Maybe Roger should critique Boonen's position on the bike too?

Pretty great photo of him with Merckx.

13 thoughts on “Boonen to Win Tour de Suisse?

  1. andy

    I agree with DeVlaeminck that Boonen needs to have MSR on his palmares. Any other race mentioned is a pretty huge stretch. But in general, if Tommeke could put a new race or two on his CV it’d do a lot to reinforce his argument of being the best cobbled/flat classics rider of all time. Paris Tours, maybe?

  2. Doug P

    Of the many interviews I have read or listened to by Hinault, he has almost nothing positive to say about today’s racers. He brightens up only when the subject is himself and his accomplishments…no one else has attained the success he has had (in his mind). Apparently Roger is vying for the post of “Elder Jackass” of the Flemish, the post currently held by Hinault in France.

  3. JR

    Paul Sherwen mentioned in last Sunday’s P-R broadcast that Roger rarely has anything pleasant to say. He spoke the truth.

  4. Erkcyclisme

    Roger De Vlaeminck may be a grumpy old guy pissed off about bygones, but he does have a point. Today’s riders are better paid a fortune compared to back then, ride superior equipment and compete in customized racing seasons with lots of breaks.

    I remember watching Hinault win Paris-Roubaix in the early ’80s for $1,500. Claude Criquielion won Liege-Bastogne-Liege and collected $400.

    Look at the photo, Roger De Vlaeminck is on the start line expected to compete against Babe Ruth. Good luck with that. Boonen is having an excellent season. But he’s been AWOL for a while largely due to too much early career success and money resulting in boredom.

    Back then, maybe Eddy got bored.

  5. Nancy

    I was curious about the prize money for Paris-Roubaix. I found it on the ASO website and I think it should be about 100 000 to the winner. Tom Boonen won 30 000 Eur and the total prize list is 91 000$. It might be superior to the 70’s (don’t forget inflation) but when you compared to the million won by tennis and golf players, they are not rich.

  6. cat4 domestique

    Yes, when you compare them to just a small handful of top athletes they are not rich. When you compare them to the rest of the world, well… And I would take what he earned Sunday compared to what it was in the early 80’s any day. Inflation isn’t that much. It has maybe doubled twice in Belgium in since the early 80’s. Not too shabby of pay he is getting for entertaining a group of people. There are actually people in the world that make a difference in others lives that don’t make in a year what he made Sunday.

  7. seis_pendejos

    cat4 domestique: Nice, but ultimately lame troll.

    DeVlaeminck is pissed because Boonen gets younger chicks than he does (barely).

  8. Jody Prummer

    DeVlaeminck remarks were very disrespectful and he should have kept them to himself. Who cares how much Tom makes to “entertain”. I can’t win P-R or any of the other races Tom has won so good for him.

  9. cat4 domestique

    No trolling. Just saying that making that in a can be called rich. It was on topic with the post before it. Thanks. Okay then here to stay on topic with pay and riders then… Hey Steve, a couple of years ago Mike Farrell and I were talking about how many conti pros don’t get paid at all or have to pay to get on a team. He said that when you rode for him in the 80’s that you were paid $18,000. I was wondering if that was true. If so that is great and shows what a ripoff theses guys today get. Remember the Subway team and Wenzel. What a scam that was.

  10. double nickel

    I think Roger DV’s cool sideburns have slowly, but permanently grown into his brain.

    Adversely affecting his thinking and speech.


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