Wearing the Jersey – Racin’ at 11:20am.

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Okay, I pinned my number on the National’s Jersey that I got last week in Madison. This is only the 2nd I’ve ever worn a Master’s National Championship jersey other than when they’ve given them to me at the awards podium. (In Providence one year, they had a revenge race on Sunday after the Elite race and lined up all the National Champions up on the first row.) But, it is the Master’s Worlds and it is here in the US, so I think it’s appropriate and probably the right thing to do.

I’m heading over to the course before 9am to ride a lap and see if they’ve remarked it again. As of this moment, I really don’t have any idea what course I”m racing in 3 hours. I assume it is going to be the same course that the 30+ guys raced at 1 yesterday, but I really don’t know. It got down to under 20 again last night, so it’s definitely going to be frozen at 11am. At least I think it will be. The worst case scenario would be if the sun came out and melted the top of the ruts and put some slime on top of frozen mud.

I think I’m good on the course however they decide to run it. I would have rather had it like it was during the qualifying races (a muddy slogfest) because that took a ton of power and it was way more predictable. Unpredictable race courses sometimes produce unpredictable results. But, it is what it is. And it is cold and frozen as of now. Better get out there for a little while.

Numbers pinned, ready to race.

10 thoughts on “Wearing the Jersey – Racin’ at 11:20am.

  1. Sal Ruibal

    You’re already a champion as a man, but it would be fitting that one of the greatest bike racers in America got to wear the Stars and Stripes jersey as National Champion.

  2. Sean YD

    I’ve never gotten the “stars and bars” reference that I sometimes hear cycling announcers use. It almost comes across a bit derogatory to the correct term that Sal Ruibal uses above (“stars and stripes”).

    Regardless, the U.S. national masters champion should be wearing the stars and stripes jersey. To not have done so would have been a slap in the face to everyone you defeated to win the jersey last week.


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