How Appropriate – Belgian Rider wins First World’s Jersey in Louisville, USA

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A Belgian rider won the first jersey awarded at the 2012 Master’s World Cyclocross Championships, in the 30+ race this morning in Louisville. Sven Van Eyndt won the race over Thomas Tucker, Jamis, by 3 seconds. It was close all day.

The course is completely frozen ruts. They removed a lot of the hill sections and moved the ribbons over on some of the straights to allow riding to occur. There were still a ton of riders falling and flatting.

Ned rode his qualifying race and finished 3rd. The course was a real mess when they rode. Deep ruts, all frozen. I can’t see the course changing much before 11 am tomorrow, with the lows in the lower 20’s tonight. I pre rode 3 or 4 laps and felt pretty comfortable handling my bike. I’d rather have it more predictable, but it is cross and you have to be good at everything to be good at it.

You can click here to see the full results.

Sven led from start to finish, but not without some challenges.

Sven and Thomas racing. The ruts you see here might as well be cement.

There is just a little water left on the course from yesterday, enough to freeze Catherine's derailluer cable.