T – 1 hour

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I just got back from the course. It’s a frozen wasteland. They’ve moved the ribbons over on a lot of the worst rutted sections to allow riding, but it is still super technical. I was riding everything pretty smooth I think. I’m putting a ton of pressure in my tires. It is going to be a disadvantage, but I’m not willing to risk flatting today. And that doesn’t guarantee it not happening. It’s 19 degrees out right now, so it isn’t going to be warm. I lost my best gloves last weekend in Madison, so I’m going to be wearing some Specialized gloves I haven’t tried before. I’m going bare legged with goop. I feel pretty great and definitely wouldn’t throw my chip back, so I can’t complain. Okay, better get redressed and head over. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Pre race coffee in the hotel room.

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  1. Sean YD

    I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of news the race organization is pushing out itself via social media. Cyclocross magazine is doing a good job, but few other outlets are covering the races and it appears no one is live tweeting it.


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