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Yesterday I didn’t ride my MTB like I said I was going to the whole time in Cable. We rode on road bikes for 45 miles. I thought I was more beat than I actually was, but that was fine. Last night we went to eat at the original Famous Dave’s BBQ on Round Lake. We ate outside in the back, overlooking the Lake Owen and it was perfect. Not a bad way to spend a Monday night.

Today is Trudi’s birthday. I had planned to be in Utah or Colorado, but her schedule changed around, mainly because of Cadel coming to the Pro Challenge in Colorado, so we’ll have to celebrate next week. She’ll have a nice birthday in Deer Valley.

Keith Walberg’s video from the dirty Kanza is in a contest with a couple others at Dirt Rag. You can vote. Click here to go to the site and see the videos. Don’t forget to click like to vote.

The sports writers of the paper voted me 22 best athlete in there opinion. They only used file pictures they had, from way back, in the article, so there are some pretty good photos from a long time ago. One, I’m shaving my legs in my bathtub. Anyway, click here for the link.

Lots of results from this weekend. Brian Jensen, my team mater from Tradewind, won the Missouri State Criterium Championships in Jefferson City on Sunday. Brian Matter won the Ore to Shore MTB race in a sprint with Cole House. And last, but not least, Todd Wells won the Leadville 100 MTB race. Congratulations to Vincent, Sergio, Dan Huges, Drew, Lynne and all the other friends that got their belt buckles.

Today we’re going to ride the 20 miles down to the start of the Chequamegon race in Hayward and then ride the whole course and then back to Dennis’ house. That will be something in the mid-60’s range, which seems pretty far on a MTB bike. Then, of course, the after race swim in Lerche Lake.

Dennis and Catherine riding. There are nearly zero automobiles encountered on a ride. Beautiful scenery.

Dinner on the deck.

The belt buckle - Sergio's buckle from the Leadville 100.

Dennis modeling his new clothing, acting like a goofball, which is obvious.

Here’s a video of Trudi feeding at the Tour of Utah. Pretty professional.

3 thoughts on “Montage De Jour

  1. bob

    Nice scenery reminds me of western ia, i have a couple of nice pavedroutes where i see maybe one car an hour. If i switch to gravel the number would be zero.

  2. Jeff Jacobsen

    Steve: You should have been higher on list. On mine you were #2. Happy to say I made all but two of those images they used including the one of you shaving you legs. Best to you.

  3. Rod Lake

    Happy birthday Trudi–nice footwork. I probably would take down half the field if I tried that!


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