Note to Self – Don’t Train with “Users”

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Well, yesterday was a minor nightmare riding. Catherine skipped racing in East Village because she was being honest and thought that racing while taking prednisone wasn’t right. She is on a 10 day prescription which ends in a couple days. Jesus Christ, it is unreal. We went out, Dennis started, for a 3 hour MTB ride. Dennis made it until the first climb, then said ciao. From then on it was non stop attacking. Stupid. It was just my luck, racing the day before, lacking sleep, then getting hammered all day.

Anyway, I climbed the Seeley Fire Tower climb in my big ring pretty hard. It’s a loose, couple minute climb that is pretty hard. When I got to the top, I stopped and took my phone out of my pocket and barely had enough time to take a photo because she was only a couple bike lengths behind me. It was definitely the fastest she has ever ridden up that climb. By far.

And prednisone is a stupid drug that hardly even helps athletics. I can’t imagine what the real ones do. Okay, the next two days might be pretty hard riding. I’m only going to ride my MTB bike. I can only hope for a little pity.

The best quotes of the day were – “Isn’t it a shame that Vincent isn’t here. I’d love to pay him back for Loveland Pass.” The next one was – “I just inhaled or swallowed an butterfly.” I waited a second, thought that was kind of bad, but said, “Maybe that is good karma.” She said, “I think I needed it.” I’m not sure if she meant karma or something from swallowing the butterfly. The next was in Cable, after stopping for some chocolate milk and Gatorade. We were in the sun and I was beat and said, “I need a nap.” She said, “I think I’d like to go out for a run.” That was after 40 miles of riding off-road. Incredible.

Catherine climbing at the top of the Fire Tower.

Catherine missed the dress temperatures. She peeled off her jersey, which had a wind jacket in the pocket, plus check out the arm warmers.

Dennis has a new carbon Trek cross bike that is sweet.

The top tube of the Cronus Trek.

One of my favorite spots on the planet.

Here's Hawkeye who swam with me. Bromont just ran by like a bolt of lightening. He came back later wet, so he went for his own swim.

8 thoughts on “Note to Self – Don’t Train with “Users”

  1. exeuroprofe

    LOL…. Training with a doper.. Isnt that a UCI offence ? Well you should motor-pace behind Catherine and save gas for the next few days….

    Ps. I hope the UCI keeps from reading your Blog !

    have fun tilly

  2. mark

    Last time I was prescribed Prednisone, I was half dead with Bronchial Pnemonia and severe sinus infection. Riding, let alone racing was out of the question. It’s a glucocorticoids and a wonderful ashma medication, side effects being high blood glucose levels. There’s a perfectly good reason why so many protour riders seem to have TUE’s for various ashma medications.

  3. Aki

    She must have had some other kind of prednisone than what I had earlier this year (12 day cycle, 3×4 pills, 3×3, 3×2, 3×1). Maybe the poison ivy was really bothering me, I don’t know, but I couldn’t get out of my own way. Either that or I’m so bad that even doping doesn’t help 🙁 I definitely had a hard time sleeping though.

  4. Zach

    Glucocorticoids effect everyone a bit differently. Even the same person taking them can have totally different effects with seperate administrations. It has a laundry list of side effects. Feeling euphoric and great, are really rare. Some people feel terrible and sluggish, and theres no way to tell how youd respond.

  5. scott

    I once dropped frankie andreu and norm alvis (in pre TDF form) on a 3 mile climb while on a prednisone prescription for allergies. Like steve said, if prednisone is mild, what must the real stuff do?


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