Joseph’s Road Interview

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The September issue of Road magazine has a two page layout on Joseph Schmalz. It is a pretty artsy magazine and nice article. Joseph has had a pretty great season so far with winning the Best Young Rider Jersey at both San Dimas and Nature Valley. He also won the road race at Tour of Lawrence, which is a super hard race and the Iron Hill Criterium back East. That’s mixing it up pretty good and great all around results. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and should have a long career in this sport. I’ll have to take the “unorthodox tactics” quote as a complement, it’s true. Anyway, if you haven’t seen Road magazine, you can click here to see the whole article. Use the arrows to scroll to page 40-41. There is an article on Philipe Gilbert just proceeding it on page 32. The online version of this magazine is pretty cool.

Early season race a couple years back. Joseph seems kind of small, but attentive.

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  1. Jim

    Ben Spies is on the sharp end of the stick in the MotoGP world, just finishing 4th @Laguna. I remember reading about Elbowz before; cool that he’s doing it but pisses me off thinking about all the talent residing in one human being.


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