6 thoughts on “Thor to BMC

  1. Daniel Burkert

    Steve, you have really done so much to improve my enjoyment of bicycle racing. The links to live streaming video and the interesting insights into the current racing scene and you personal experience of it. Thank you.

  2. Jim

    Can’t see PG signing now; way too much conflict of interest. Thor wants P-R so bad. If he doesn’t get it he’d step on Gilbert’s toes for the rest.

  3. jza

    Thor and Gilbert are best buds and have said they would like to ride together. Both live in Monaco and train together often.

  4. Mr.Frack

    The 96 finish was the classiest finish of a race I have ever seen. Watched that 100 times and still get chicken skin when i see it. Can’t wait till Thor (nat champ) Gilbe (nat champ) and Sparty (nat champ) roar into the velodrome in 2012. what a finish that would be.


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