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I was exactly two days without a frame. Scott Daubert, I’m not sure of his title, maybe Race Team Director/Czar, gave me a call on Monday and said he heard I needed a new frame. That was very cool. He said that Trek World, all Trek dealers in Waterloo, was happening, but he could send me a frame that day. He said it was one of Andy Schleck’s frames. That sounded kind of cool at the time, but after I thought about it for a little while, it didn’t sit that well. It is a personal thing. I don’t mind riding a used frame, but I didn’t really want to be riding one of Andy Schleck’s frames, just because……well, I can’t tell you why exactly, but it didn’t feel right.

Anyway, it is all fine. The frame isn’t painted in the Leopard/Trek colors scheme and Andy’s name isn’t painted on the frame, it is just a sticker. Plus, it doesn’t even looked like it’s even been assembled, so it is all good. Better than good. It is so nice not having to go and beg for replacement components. And better yet, not having to make the call, but getting contacted by Trek. I feel like they are looking out for me and it is so appreciated. Scott did have to apologize for not knowing my frame size off the top of his head. What an insult! Anyway, it is awesome that Trek is so supportive, but more important than that, speedy, when I’m having these “issues”.

New frame.

Removable Andy sticker.

The fork might be cut a little short, but I can probably make due.

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  1. Jim

    That thing has a limited top placing of only 2nd and obviously can’t go down hill. Better get rid of it. I’m surprised Scott didn’t send you a matching Frank frame. For security.
    Perhaps this will say what you can not:

  2. H Luce

    Right, Steve. Give it to Kris. Hold out for a BMC team bike… I’m sure Trudi could get you one.

  3. Noel

    I’ll try to remember that when someone sends me thousands of dollars of free bike from a podium finisher in the TdF to whine.

  4. ERIC

    That Andy S. video cracked my shit up! Keep it coming guys, keep it coming.
    Cool of Trek to contact you, someone important at Trek must be a blog follower.

  5. bob

    the good news
    you know it has never been cornered hard
    and for a few bucks you could probably find a medicine man down in OK to bless it and get the Schleck out of it for you
    then again you can call Hampsten and have him send you a last name sticker that would improve the frame mojo a hundred fold

  6. Ted Lewandowski

    Steve – this is called damage control and goodwill at the same time knowing how many people read your blog.

  7. Calvin Jones

    Mr. Tilford,
    #1- you have cracked the lid on your own inner psychological box and let us peek inside. There is a huge following you have actively sought and developed. You cannot now say you will not tell what more regarding not wanting Mr. Schleck’s frame other than something empty like; “……well, I can’t tell you why exactly, but it didn’t feel right.” Throw off the cover, Steve, you are obviously articulate, shine a light on this issue.

    #2- I have great respect for this man, Mr. Daubert. Mai oui, to borrow the vernacular of the TdF, you have a huge following (see #1) and show web images of a broken Trek bike. I would jump as well if you had as much had a broken tire lever.

    #3. I too am in favor of giving the “Andy” frame to your brother. Think of his love for you. However, at the same time, I would hope Kris is appreciative enough to ride the same frame size? If not, forget him.

  8. Jim

    Hold your hats, Andy does dirt and likes it:
    Just finish a 4 h mountain bike ride in Boulder thanks to @trek_ben and Chris Walweer for guiding me true Jeffco trails! I love Colorado

    There’s hope for you yet, Andy. You are still not forgiven for TdF whinging.

  9. Jeff Janert


    What a mooch! What do you do for a living?


    As some else told you. An old has been who is no longer relevant in any race; other than your own mind.

    Please go away, I was just sent here by one of your “close friends” to tell you what they all want to tell you.

  10. Jeff

    There are lots of websites I don’t like. I don’t go to them. Anyone like yourself has to either like Steve or be incredibly jealous of the life he leads. It’s one or the other. “I drove around to bike races with my dog all weekend.” “Just got back from the Tour and visiting the Dejonckers in Belgium.” “Going to Cali to hang out with Andy Hampsten… again.” What kind of jackass would rather go out and get a 9-5 grinder than do all that? He paved his own way, that’s for sure. I hope you feel better later Jeff.


  11. Stanley

    You are right. Those of us who follow this site do like and respect Steve. Some may be jealous of his life and others may find his stories and insights entertaining and informative. Why don’t you ask his “close friends” to say what they want to say directly to Steve rather than hiding behind you?

  12. Just Crusty

    I don’t know this guy Jeff, or Steve for that matter.

    But this frame business sounds like it’s just good business. Frame breaks, warranty thing, yada yada.

    Since Tilford’s higher up the cycling food chain, he just gets more direct contact with the big guys. We can get a similar level of service by buying from and maintaining a close working relationship with our local bike shop. Too often we save a few bucks by buying off ebay and then whine because we can’t get service from the LBS when our ratty equipment fails at the wrong time.

  13. Jim

    Jeff Janert, aside from your gin-filled tirade I looked up Steve’s results to see if there was any credence to your claims. I don’t normally follow his blog so didn’t know what to expect. Guess what? He won last year’s nat’l cross age group.
    Do you want to know what else I gathered in my short stay here? He mentors other riders, is a humanitarian, catatarian and dogatarian.
    So on the bike and off, how do you think you measure up?
    This is his blog and you are in his living room; he doesn’t need to go away. You do.

  14. Jay Thomas

    Guys its real simple I have helped Steve out with frames for many years as the owner of a LBS in the midwest. I follow Steve’s blog because I enjoy his opinion and writing style. I was attending Trek World and had bit of time on my hands so I started surfing the internet thought I would check in on Steve’s blog and see how the weekend of racing went for the guys and noticed that he had posted a picture of the broken frame. So I contacted Scott Daubert a good friend of mine and Steve’s and Scott took action as Scott does he contacted Steve and got him a frame in the mail same day so he could get it by Wednesday and be racing by the weekend if he wanted to. We want to keep Steve on bikes so he can keep racing and writing in his unorthodox ways ( partial quote – Joe Schmalz). Oh and the forks same thing.

    P.S. Just Crusty WAS CORRECT “Since Tilford’s higher up the cycling food chain, he just gets more direct contact with the big guys. We can get a similar level of service by buying from and maintaining a close working relationship with our local bike shop. Too often we save a few bucks by buying off ebay and then whine because we can’t get service from the LBS when our ratty equipment fails at the wrong time”.


  15. tilford97 Post author

    Guys-I didn’t delete Jeff Janert’s comment just because I don’t feel it is correct to monitor/edit comments. This is a public forum pretty much, and each and everyone has a right to their own opinions.

    We kind of went over this a couple days ago with the post on Nice and Mean. Unless it is completely, utterly unprintable, I’m going to just let the comments come and let it be.

    I don’t have much to say responding to Jeff. But, there are lots of adjectives to describe my personality and many of them wouldn’t be complementary, but mooch wouldn’t be on the list.

    Okay, that’s about all I have to say about that. Thanks for all the support, it is kind of embarrassing, but nice at the same time.


  16. H Luce

    I’ve known Steve for better than 30 years and he’s the diametric opposite of “mooch”. He’s one of the most generous people I’ve met, and the most humble, even if he doesn’t ever return phone calls, but I’m not on the “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “E” lists… He can be extraordinarily difficult, but so are we all at times, and he does tend to wear his heart on his sleeve and be really open about things, but he’ll be there in a pinch if you need him. From what he’s done over the past 30 years, he could be a real rockstar, and all the rest of that but he’s not that way at all.

  17. Dimitri Harris

    How do we know this isn’t Andy Griffith’s bike? I hear blue is his favorite color. If you ever need a cross frame I would love to have you on one of mine.


  18. Old and Slow

    Steve was as personable and approachable as any top level rider that I ever met back in the day. That list extends from Tom Doughty to Moreno Argentin and also the very last guy to win the US National Road Championship with unshaven legs.

    In retrospect the USCF really couldn’t have picked a better person to send over to NORBA.

  19. Reid Rothschild

    Dear Jeff J,

    Now that wasn’t a very nice thing to say, was it?

    Steve, I enjoy the blog, keep racing and blogging.

  20. O'Connor

    Ha! I rode the Colorado trail the summer i exhausted my high school teachers and they succumbed. After leaving denver, making it to Leadville, and descending into Durango. Scott D. let me ride his manitu… I was so used to swingin’ a fisher pro caliber loaded for bear, i literally, could not ride ‘dat bike. It was 30lbs lighter than what i had been riding 9+ hours a day..
    Scott is serious $. That frame was valuable, his judgement was ridiculous.



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