Racing again I guess

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I haven’t raced for a month. Mostly by choice, but it doesn’t really matter. Brian, Bill and I are driving to St. Louis this afternoon and racing a criterium in Edwardsville, IL tomorrow. There is a $5000 prizelist and it isn’t that far of a drive. We were thinking of doing Elk Grove, but that didn’t seem to happen. I kind of hate Elk Grove because there is a PRO 1 race and a 1/2 race. The 1/2 race is better to do because it is actually racing and the PRO race is super controlled with leadouts for time bonuses. I’m not so big on a race being decided on a 8 minute TT and then time bonus sprints, but that is the scenario they’ve stuck with for the last few years.

I went to a small high school reunion last night. It wasn’t the official reunion, but just a gathering of maybe 40 people from my high school class. I went to the 10 years pre reunion get together way back, but haven’t been in town when it was happening since. I was surprised that everyone seemed to be in pretty good shape. The 10 year reunion was an eye opening experience. Lots of kids running around and guys polyester pants. This was much better. I’m glad I was around town this time.

It rained last night and it is steamy now. 98% humidity and it’s supposed to get to 98 degrees today. I’m going on right now, since I already missed the early ride here. I don’t like waking up and getting on my bike first thing in the morning.

Okay, I just got back from an hour and a half ride. Our roads suck. Our infrastructure is going to shit. I don’t think there is enough money out there to fix this huge problem. I nearly pitch flatted two or three time just riding through the neighborhoods getting home. Very depressing. Better get packing.

Photo from the gathering yesterday. Gene Edwards , Brent Sledd, Martine Padilla, Lucy Miera, and me.

Lucy Miera and Marcia Hecht looking great.

One thought on “Racing again I guess

  1. bob

    yeah the roads do suck
    However i think we do have enough money if it was used properly.
    I read somewhere about how basically we resurface as cheaply as possible even though there are resurfacing techniques/materials that last decades in Europe.
    Politicians are afraid to ask for more money to do the job properly so we just patch and it cost alot more.
    Sort of like going to the supermarket and buying the smallest container of mustard every single day for 84 cents instead of buying the gallon for 5 bucks once a year. Far cheaper in the long run.


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