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I get a ton of feedback through this website on all sorts of interesting things. I dig getting other people’s views on subjects I’m interested in. No matter if the views are exactly opposite of mine, I like to hear them at least. And I get tons of compliments, which does embarrass me some, but are very nice none the less. Sometimes I get strange requests and weird emails, which interest me, but kind of creep me out some. Here is an comment I got a couple days ago under the Sweet Spot/Intimidation/Hierarchy post-

Another deadshit from blog from a fuckwitt who has ridden bikes all his life but has no idea about racing. How about a blog about how you got all your buddies to vote you in as sportsman of the century of some bumfuck town in KS! And I particularly liked your insights on the tdf about guys not knowing how to ride in a paceline, and why guys are not racing for 67th place in the bunch sprints. As if you would fucking know!!!! I have seen you race and you are an absolute menace, and a non factor in any race I’ve seen you in. If you really cared about the sport perhaps you would try to help out some kids getting into the sport, rather than thinking you are still competitive enough to be a factor, and then writing these shitty negative blogs about every one and every thing. A case in point is Joe Schmalz, who has blossomed since he got away from you and your moron buddies, one of which is most famous for spitting in the face of his team manager thus ending his pro career. You are a bigger virus in this sport than anyone you slag off here on your blog and you need to go away.

Anyway, I guess he doesn’t like me much and doesn’t think much of my views or riding. I don’t really mind too much. Seems like I must have hit a nerve. He doesn’t sound like he’s from the US. I have written some negative things about the racing styles of the guys from New Zealand and Australia. But, I have a ton of friends from there too and love their countries. Whatever. I don’t want this guy to think I don’t want to hear his views and/or comments, so I thought it would be best to give it a post of its own. It is Friday night, so I hope the language isn’t too strong.

For those of you that illiterate , Jim produced this audio version for our enjoyment.

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  1. H Luce

    This is what happens when people can spew their vitriol anonymously and not be concerned about any bad consequences coming back on them. On the Internet, this sort of incivility is commonplace; the person who sent this would not dare to make these comments in person

  2. Biff Stephens

    Pretty weak that it was anonymous..I like reading your blog and since you gave me the info on the iPhone repair I have fixed about 100 of them 🙂 keep typing!

  3. Daniel Burkert

    An “Absolute Menace”. Now that’s something to be proud of! 🙂 And ya, anonymous is weak.

  4. Bob Cummings

    Everyone has opinions and sometimes they are “right” and sometimes “wrong” but when you deliver them in such an aggressive way, everyone will just write you off as a nut job with issues. I don’t agree with all of your views but I do not see with your eyes. Debate is healthy when delivered in a constructive non hateful way.  You offer up a very unique point of view which is educational and interesting.  Keep it up!

  5. Jeremy Hutsell

    I have known you for almost 12 years, ridden several training rides and dealt with you at the shop where I am head mechanic and Service
    manager. I have never had any reason to speak poorly of you. I have appreciated the advice you have given me while on those training rides. I have even had customers of mine compliment you on your willingness to help them get into our sport. Two thumbs up to you, your accomplishments, and your blog.

  6. Scott Bulfinch

    Isn’t it great to read stuff like that; seems like this electronic media just brings it all out. The Nebraska blogosphere is currently awash in such tripe as a Cat 2 cat fight goes on to determine on line who has the biggest crank (or so it seems). I was hoping we were somewhat of an anomaly; guess not!

  7. old and slow

    As long as it’s Rag on Steve Friday, I’ve been looking to bring up an ancient Velo News anecdote from the original Tour of America since two blog entries ago here.

    As reported in VN Steve had commented to his fellow US riders earlier on in the stage race about how slowly the Euro Pros would take corners in the rain. (Sounds familiar to readers of this blog, doesn’t it?)

    Then he slid out on a wet corner himself, I think this would have been in the last stage, won by Ron Hayman in a two headed sprint on the streets of Washington, DC.

    According to VN, Jock Boyer had the chance to say “and that’s why we take the corners so slow when it’s wet, Steve” as the peleton rolled on by him sitting in the road?

    Any truth to this one, Mr. Tilford?

    And did your well deserved confidence in your wet weather racing abilities take any kind of a brief hit over this embarassing episode or what? You have certainly “lived this one down” by any standard since 1982.

    As for the race itself, the late Bert Osterbosch won the overall just in front of the late Gerrie Kneteman I believe, both on the strenght of their otherworldly time trial performances. Nobody made any time on the peleton at all during the two road stages.

    Boyer and LeMond were the only US professionals at the time and it was perceived by most of us that there was a huge gulf between top level Amateurs and the likes of Team Raleigh. LeMond had mentioned that two Professionals in the Trophee Barrachi could time trial 100 Km as quickly as four amateurs in the World Championships did every year.

    This would all start to change the next year when Phinney and Bauer schooled them in that big money race in Baltimore.

    What’s more pros hardly ever wore helmets, not even hairnets back then; they raced 130 times a year for garbage money so they had every reason on earth to slow down for wet corners.

    Disclosure: I met Steve twice back in the 1980s; he was a total class act both times, then and now an obvious credit to the sport. I have to assume that getting dusted by someone twice your age, decisively and likely more than once too, that just might cause the kind of resentment expressed up above?

    This is a great blog and I wasted a whole evening going back to entry one on the first day I stumbled onto it.

    In my own unremarkable career I was fortunate enough to never go up against a team of Aussies or New Zealanders but you could sure tell that the individual riders from down under had a little bit of roller derby tactics in their backgrounds.

    Then again I did show up for a race in Tiajuana once and I swear to God that the Mexicali contingent came up to the start line with honest to goodness motocross elbow pads- all of them did!

    I kept to the other side of the field and pretty much knew within five seconds when the last of these caballeros was dropped.

  8. Jack Mason

    Dude has no man sack! Was he born without a name? If you want to call some out then do it like a man. Face to face. Guy is a pussy duesh bag. I’m all in when ya wanna get punchy. Jack Mason Topeka Kansas USA

  9. sherkat

    That little boy is mean and clueless. There is a reason you get so much traffic without pimping this blog at all. People respect you. Many of us have raced against you, most have seen you race, and we know more than some little twit. We’re in a period where information about everything is increasingly being controlled by centralized interests, and it is important to have central figures like you providing your reflections and honest opinions about things you know a great deal about. Fuck that asshole, and anyone like him! Don’t let the meanies get to you. Please, ignore the riff raff and keep it coming!

  10. Emme

    Working as an official for the past nine years (plus being a constant presence at races prior to that), I can say that I wish races were made up entirely of riders like you. We wouldn’t have needless crashes all the time, we wouldn’t have riders fighting in the field (or off the course), we wouldn’t have whiny butts coming to the officials to whinge about others’ conduct, and the races would STILL be interesting to watch and score! Of course this commenter, whoever he happens to be, is probably one of those riders that I actively hide from if I catch wind they’re planning on showing up.

  11. bob

    Even idiots gave a right to their opinion, no matter how hateful or how little validity is involved.
    When you see things like this, read the betwee the lines of the message. What is the matter with this human being? He is venting his rage, yes, but why? Because he cannot handle reality, so he creates his own. Lots of masters that i see are similiar. they are just aged boys, with that juvenile mentality of constantly having to prove to themselves that they have value.
    This guy lashes out because that is how he gives himself value by trying to destroy what others have built. He cannot stand people who have success and even worse people who are good winners like Steve. Because he knows if he ever won anything he would have to remind the world constantly, and he can’t believe that there are people who win who don’t NEED to win like he does.
    just another sad person going through life clueless as to why he has an uncontrollable temper.No introspection, so he will probably leave this earth without ever getting a clue to his misery.

  12. Jim

    Aside from the emailer being an obvious tool, I don’t know if you can race any better than you tell a story. Damn that was funny.

  13. Jeff

    You’re rich experience as a bike racer and how much you’re willing to share of your thoughts is what makes this blog special and very worthwhile Steve. Thanks for not letting the occasional bitter detractor take that away!

  14. Rich

    I’ve never raced or seen you race but I enjoy the blog. I don’t always agree, but how bad can a guy be who takes in stray cats. Thanks

  15. Jason Evans

    You have entire posts about nothing but kittens, you can’t be that much of a “menace”.

  16. Georges

    Long time fan from the cactus cup fat boy style and I have been reading your site for years: you are the epitome of class in this sport. Coupled with your racing insight and your human/ animal compassion has made some of the best reading- I always feel better reading about your exploits.
    Clearly that jack-wagons perspective is based in bullshit. Thank you for everything and keep it coming.

  17. John

    What an angry, little, chickenshit! Glad you keep your blog open to see the feedback though.

    Most of your comments were echoed by Paul, Phil, and Bob during the VS tv coverage. I guess they don’t know anything either.

    Love your blog…keep it up. None of us are perfect, but we are all interesting.

  18. Henrik

    I like that “an angry, little, chickenshit” knows all your posts 🙂 it looks like he can’t stand that you’re a better writer too!
    take care!
    Austin Rider

  19. eiric

    I heard a story today from Frank Jennings about how you pulled out of a crit (Athens) to perform 1st aid on a rider who was bleeding. Then you got back in the race, a ‘Medical Lap’ not a free lap. Does not sound like the action of an asshole to me

  20. jim sully

    You’ll always be a azzhole to me,,,,reason being that’s pretty much the only (back) side of you I’ve gotten to know so well racin in your vicinity all these yrs…
    Non anonymously, your ol pal,
    J Sully

  21. Calvin Jones

    Oddly, the text reminds of those silly web cartoons with the characters using computer voices, the one discussing how a rider will “Crush” or how a rider got a slow wheel change, those types. Feed the text into that website and see how it comes out.

  22. Cavvycav

    Hey Steve you just keep being Steve! I’ve always looked up to you and you’re one of my favorite riders. You gave me some encouragement one time after you lapped me in a crit twice, no less. I agree with you about most things. Also if you hear anyone yell “Tilly” while you race, it may be me. Brandon Cavnar OKC, OK

  23. JH Higgins

    A very Passive-Aggressive personality – probably would be like one of your kittens if you ever met him in person.

    Like others I really enjoy your blog. Did a pro mtb. race with you once (I’m not a pro)at REAX ski area in Nagano, Japan back in the mid -90’s. I believe ahead of time, you and Ned O. decided you would win the thing and that he was going to work for you. You both lapped the field in wet and mucky conditions that a cycle cross rider would thrive in! I know Ned from Durango when I lived there in the 70’s and 80’s so it was fun to catch up with him at that time since I had been living in Japan for several years pre-internet days. I wish I had introduced myself to you then, but was probably busy post race cleaning all the mud off me and my bike. I enjoy your interesting ideas related to the pro peloton, the most recent tdf and great cycling stories from the 80’s. Keep up the good work. Peace.

  24. Jensen

    For the record, the team mate mention never spit at some team manager’s face. Also, that same team mate ended his pro career due to an engineering job.
    This guy has no credibility. Steve, your blog is great! Please keep writing.

  25. JimW

    XtraNormal…ha ha presenting XtraAbnormal behavior.
    This ought to be good with the awkward inflection and halting way of speaking.
    I think we are seeing the creation of this weeks cycling meme.

  26. Vincent

    It is interesting to me that most peoples response to this post is “I like your blog keep posting…..” . Not to knock those that said the guy was an idiot, clearly. It is great to have readers that care about you and are not baited by the insults to refute, avenge, insult……

  27. RJS

    In 93′ as cat 2 I started racing on a team coached by Steve Johnson he told us we we were out of state to look for John Frey, Kent Bostick or Steve Tilford to follow them and we would either learn how to ride in a large pack or even make the move. I followed his advice and was soon a cat 1 realizing I had limited abilities nationally. I know by my local results this advice held true and I recommend this idea to many up and comers. I enjoy your blog adventures and old school race stories please keep them going!!

  28. Arm

    Man I totally agree with that numbnuts anonymous poster. I always thought you were a menace, (kidding really) I mean I keep telling my wife “but Steve is still racing” she looks at me like I’m crazy and says something like “but he is still good”. Man that hurts. So maybe I wrote the letter??!!
    Keep it up Tilly and tell Trudi I says Hi. Oh, by and I found a bunch of pictures of you two from when we did that stage race in Peru..

    Tom Armstrong

  29. BT

    Father Time-
    Sometimes you are a grump and a bit punitive in your comments. I just have to figure that’s old age creeping in. Either way your blog is fun to read. I enjoy your perspective, insight and wacky sense of humor. You’re a solid guy and you give us a look at the sport we love from a perspective most would never get. Stay golden ponytail.


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