St. Louis

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Drove to St. Louis yesterday and we’re driving to Edwardsville, IL to race this afternoon. It is going to be ugly. Pretty hot, mid 90’s and muggy. We rode an hour this morning and it already seemed muggy. It is amazing how much stuff you have to gather to go to a race. We in the full size diesel van and it kind of seems like a hassle loading and unloading bikes to ride. Boy am I spoiled.

I often think of how spoiled we are, as Americans. Complaining how cold it is in the hallways of the hotel when it is 100 degrees outside. Ice machines that spit out virtually unlimited ice for free in all hotels. Free sugar for the taking at any fast food restaurant/Starbucks/everywhere. It is truly amazing what we take for granted. I wish we’d appreciate it a lot more.

Okay, I don’t feel that great riding. Heat hasn’t been bothering me too much the last week, so I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll be good. We’ll see.

Pre ride ride. Everywhere is under construction.

Back of the van, not even full.