Slept ’til Noon

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It is funny, but I hardly ever sleep in any more. That is something I’ve been trying to work at, getting more sleep. It bothers me some, that I can get by with way less sleep than I used to need. I think, as an athlete, it is super beneficial to sleep as much as you can. I don’t usually. There just seems to be too much stuff hidden in the back of my brain that doesn’t allow me to sleep too long. It’s probably just a part of aging.

It rained most of the morning. That is probably the reason I missed it in bed. Most the stuff I had planned was dependent on being outside, sans rain, so my mind must of registered that and directed me back into the dream state. Nice of it.

Not sure what the plans are yet for the weekend. I’m racing for sure, just not sure where. Only criteriums though. Okay, when I wake up more, I’ll post something more relevant/fun/interesting hopefully. Shit, half the day is gone.

If it wasn't for this guy jumping up on me, I'd probably still be asleep.

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