MTB Nationals

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I saw the results from the US MTB Nationals yesterday. Todd won again for back to back wins. I was interested in seeing Ned finished 14th, about 12 minutes back. I’m not sure why the race was only 1:44 for the winner. I haven’t been in the MTB scene enough to know if they’ve just made the races shorter or they missed the mark. It seems like 12 minutes in 1:45 is a lot. Todd must be going pretty fast.

I guess there was a Fat Tire Criterium on Friday night, with a $7500 prize list. If the race would have been a week later and I would have known about the criterium, I probably would have made my way over to Idaho to race.

I was considering doing either the Leadville 50 or Breckenridge 100 this weekend, but that didn’t work out. I definitely want to get in a few MTB races soon. But, not anywhere near the midwest, it is 100,000 degrees in Kansas right now.

Here's Ned's bike from Sea Otter. It's a low-end aluminum Specialized frame, close to the same he rode last year to the Single Speed National TItle. I'm not sure if Ned just has to buy his own frames, and is a cheap skate, or that Specialized is pushing low end bikes for elite MTB racing.

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  1. james

    1 hour 30 – 1 hour 45 is the new UCI target length for XCO races to make them more appealing to potential spectators.

  2. Tim

    There’s definitely been a trend at the pro/elite level to shorten the races and put them onto almost manufactured race courses– more like extended CX races. It’s happening to an even more extreme degree at the World Cups.

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