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In Belgium, I was watching a couple reality type TV shows. Specifically the home makeover shows. One was in Flemish, and then another show was in English.

The English one completely remodeled a house in a hour, while the mother was out grocery shopping. The Flemish one spent a longer time, I don’t know how long, but they completely redid a families house and surprised them.

I’ve watched these shows here in the US and I never really thought much about it. But, watching it in Belgium, it occurred to me that I don’t want someone coming into my house and getting rid of all my stuff and making it look like a furniture showroom.

My house is far from looking anything close to designer. And I don’t really have much attachment to a lot of the stuff here. But, it is my stuff. While watching the shows, I was wondering what they did with all the stuff that was in the house when they started. Maybe some of the furniture was super close to the owner’s heart, an heirloom from a grand parent, and now it’s out in the backyard in a pile with all the other stuff. Plus, some stranger is going through all your draws and closets and messing with you belongings. It is just creepy.

It surprises me that the people are always so happy about it. Maybe it is because they have a TV camera in their faces at all times and feel self conscious. I don’t know. But, it is always, “Oh my God! I love it!” I wonder if some of the people say, “Hey, where is all my stuff? Put it back.” That probably doesn’t make it on air.

I think it is strange how the television shows are evolving and changing. I didn’t realize how much I missed the fringe sports that they hardly ever show on TV here in the States. I wonder why we have to wait until the Olympic games to watch the most of the sports that are in the Olympic games. Downhill skiing is hardly ever on television anymore. We have so many more options for television. So many more channels. And we just get to watch football, baseball, and basketball.

Anyway, I didn’t really have anywhere to go with this. I know I’m not mainstream in many of my thoughts and actions, so it shouldn’t surprise me that I wouldn’t react the same way as someone that gets a “free” new remodel. Or that I’m interested more sports than just the 3 we watch here. (Not counting golf and auto racing as sports, sorry.) As the world gets “smaller” through media, maybe the exposure we get from Europe will be more and the things we export over there will wane some. I’d like that.

“I love it! Exactly the style and colors I would have chosen.”

12 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover/Television

  1. Robyn Michelle Angeles


    Pro sports are a multi-million dollar businesses in North America. The “powers that be” have absolutely no reason to televise the sports we wanna see, unless advertisers see you as a market. The major commercial “markets” for North America Sports are self-despising, male failures who drink to much beer, exercise not-at-all ….

    “I’m just a regular Joe with a regular job.
    I’m your average white suburbanite slob.
    I like football and porno and books about war.
    I’ve got an average house with a nice hardwood floor.
    My wife and my job, my kids and my car.
    My feet on my table and a Cuban cigar…”

    Of course Steve, this isn’t about you ….

  2. dirty_juheesus!

    NBC’s Universal Sports is one outlet showing some other sports. They show cycling without the Versus cult spin, winter sports like various skiing disciplines and sliding.

    I remember what seeing cycling on U.S. TV was like before Phil and Paul, so I have every respect for their work. It’s just that the Versus spin is generally awful.

  3. dew

    Becasue all those tv shows are fake. They know what’s happening before it happens.
    Television, drug of a nation.
    Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation.

  4. nancy

    I am used to watch ski racing at universal sports. They did not have commentators 2-3 years ago and I like to hear the sounds of snow and the skiers hitting the gate. It is way better than hearing the NBC shit during Olympics. They don’t cover the race and mostly everything that is said is not truth. This blog is quite interesting about ski racing and you will learn what NBC should have tell you. http://www.alpineraceconsulting.com/blog/

  5. Robyn Michelle Angeles

    In Canada we do not even have the NBC’s Universal Sports Network. We actually only get the TDF in the Versus lineup …. Even when we had the the “World Road Championships (Hamilton”) here … Our National network CBC completely “f*cked” over the coverage that we as paying citizens paid for … So count your blessings with NBC Universal!

  6. cl

    I’ll third the Universal Sports plug. They show cyclocross and track racing from Europe not only with out spin, but without any commentary at all! Just the sounds of the race. It’s actually kind of strange to watch. I have more appreciation for the work of tv commentators now.

  7. ned

    mr tilford,

    you , webber, j. bold, myrah and no gold medals? i’m shocked! in a way its cool that those pasty white euros are gettin after it in cross – knowing there are some tough competitors over there. a 30 minute race is not enough to decide a world championships.



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