1-11-11 Austin 40 degree Winter

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I don’t think it got over 40 degrees here yesterday. And it was drizzly. This 40 degree weather is when the Austinites pull their down coats out.

I waited until later in the afternoon to go ride. I’m still feeling achy and out of sorts. I don’t know if it’s allergies or what. I did an hour neighborhood loop and then went over to Zilker Park and rode in the sand. Man, does that take a lot of energy. I watched the Belgium Nationals last Sunday and it was amazing how easy Albert and Co. made the sand look. But, they still had to run. I can’t keep my front wheel straight when my hands are on the shifters. I go much faster and stay straighter when I have my hands on the top of the bars by my stem.

I still don’t have a ticket to Europe yet. I don’t even know where I’m flying from. Austin or Kansas City. Better decide that today.

As you might have noticed above, today is one of those 4 days this year with a lot of 1’s. I’m not sure if that is good luck or bad luck or no luck.

I thought I might have a chance to go on a MTB ride today, but that doesn’t look promising. It should be a little warmer today than yesterday. Maybe I can get motivated to ride further on the road. It snowed 9 inches in Topeka yesterday, so this ain’t so bad.

Trudi at the Austin Airport.

I wasn't cold after riding a few passes through this.

Another one of the shacks here in Austin. That is a glass roof on the new construction on the left.

I saw this buck in the neighborhoods on my town ride this afternoon. Pretty cool.

These little Smart Cars are all over Austin. They are rental/borrow cars owed by Car2Go. Kind of a cool concept. I wonder if it’s working out?

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  1. Doug B

    The Car 2 Go is awesome. As a City of Austin employee, I can use it for city business trips for free.


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