Halloween Night – Frisco, CO

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I thought I was pretty done. It wasn’t warm out and I had to hold a worm drive saw above my shoulders for quite awhile. That, plus, digging 4 post holes in two hours on my knees. The last few were pretty much solid rock. But, we are pretty much done. Gates up. Wire attached. Just a few rails to attach and it’s done. So, when I was told we were going to Frisco to treat-or-treat, I thought maybe not. But, I’m glad I didn’t let my apprehension get the better of me. It was super fun. Halloween in Kansas isn’t too much of a happening any more. I guess parents are worried about their kids. Frisco has a downtown business Halloween celebration. They closed the main street down and it was crowded. Kids, dogs, dressed up parents. Great people watching. And good candy. They don’t go for low rent candy in Frisco. Snickers, peanut butter cups, hot apple cider. So, if you happen to be in Colorado at the end of October, make sure you go out of your way to spend Halloween night in Frisco.

Bromont got a stuffed tick for Halloween.

Jack and foster dog, Gidget, sharing a drink.

I'm obviously not so good with the wire.

Just like home with the Wizard of Oz people.

Bromont wouldn't take a dog biscuit from the clown. I've told him not to take food from strangers.

The brain jello was great.

Where else in the country can you trick-or-treat at a convenient store?

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    I was building it with a couple friends. And the fence is for dogs, not horses. Pretty substantial though. There are building code suggestions or something up there, so it has to be a certain design I guess. It is fine for what it is intended for. Overbuilt, but fine.


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