Halloween Sunday

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Yesterday was pretty good. It got super warm for here. Nearly 60. We worked until 2 or so and then went for a 40 mile ride on our MTB bikes. 8000 to 9000 feet didn’t feel as bad as I had anticipated. There are tons of nice houses up in the mountains. Great views. I’ll put some photos below. If there wasn’t snow on the ground 6 months a year, this wouldn’t be a bad place to live.

So, it is only going to be 40 today. Vincent has to go back down to Denver tonight and get the rest of the cedar we ordered. We should be done by tomorrow. I had hoped to have enough time to go down to Boulder this afternoon, but that isn’t going to happen. We’ll probably go over to Steamboat Springs tomorrow to say hi to Kent Eriksen. Then I have to pack up my bike and fly to LA. I should be pretty beat by then.

Pumpkin pancakes for breakfast today.

Riding on the bike path around Lake Dillon.

Vincent's dog Jack is showing me how to use the Boso Ball.

I guess it snows abunch around here in the winter or there are really big dogs around here somewhere.