TradeWind Energy Construction Crew

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Yesterday Bill and I rode over to Lawrence to put in a porch at Brian’s house. He’d already dug a hole. We just needed to fill it. Nick drove over from KC. He kind of does this for a living. And I’d watched a couple Youtube videos on the process, so I was good backup.

The start was a bit slow. It took a while to get the right gravel compactor, but after that it went pretty quickly. Other than cutting a few pavers, there isn’t too much to the process. Kind of like laying floor tile. It was amazing how much sand it took between the pavers after they were all in place. We must of run that machine over the whole thing nearly 10 times. Anyway, it turned out great. The whole project was just a few hours.

I am definitely a blue collar type guy. I like manual labor a lot. Manual labor where you can see the progression is the best. Laying tile, shoveling snow, roofing. Well, maybe not roofing so much. The monotony of that job wears on me. And the weight.

I think I’m going to ride my MTB over to Lawrence this afternoon on gravel. The last 8 miles I can hook up with a great single track by Lake Clinton. Pretty technical single track. It is supposed to be over 90 today. That should be nice.

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