Nothing Much…..

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has been going on. I skipped the cross race on Sunday to train. That is very unStevelike. But, it is for the best. It isn’t in my best interest right now to race cross.

I’ve been writing a post on doping, but it doesn’t say what I want it to. After I finish, I’d like to drop the whole subject.

We went on a semi epic ride yesterday. Rode over to Lawrence on gravel and then on rocky single track until we couldn’t hold onto the bars anymore. We limped into Lawrence just in time to miss a isolated thunderstorm. Pretty lucky timing.

The kittens have been just laying in a lump most of the time, so I decided that they needed a climbing tower. Those things are stupid expensive for what you get. So, I decided to just build one myself. I’ve got about $30 into it so far, but a lot of time. It is still in the process stage. I’m building it at the building and bringing it home every night so the cats can use it at night. They seem to like it.

That’s about it. I’m doing Berryman Epic in two weekends. I’m going to try to ride my MTB a couple more times before then. We’ll see.

Lump of cats.

Real cat tower.

My supplies, plus a little OSB.

It took forever to wrap that one post with rope. I used hot glue.

The box on top is okay for kittens, but it is going to be too small for cats.

Made a bigger opening in the box and added another platform today.

Kind of the finished product. It needs a few hanging things, ect. to jazz it up a bit.

This white and gray kitten finally purred this morning, hiding under my jacket. It is a real scardy cat.