A Chink in the Million Dollar Dog

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Bromont has taken after me to a certain extent and ripped his leg open on one of his 2 hour outings in the woods. I stitched it up once and did a touch up the next day, but he kept swimming in the lake and licking the stitches out. Yesterday, we finally took him to the vet and the vet wanted to put him under general anesthesia to suture him back up. I’m not so big on that, so got some antibiotics and left. He did have a very good idea of him wearing a t-shirt over his legs so he didn’t lick his wound. Way better than one of those stupid plastic collars. Anyway, I let him go for another couple hour run in the woods and one final swim and last night I stitched up his cut once again. This time I had some super glue to put on the sutures and help close the wound. He was such a good boy. So, no more running in the North Woods for Bromont for the next week or so. That’s gonna drive him nuts. He’s getting an itch to get to a bike race. That is his second favorite weekend activity to running free in the woods. Might have to head down to Chicago for the Glencoe Criterium on Saturday.

Bromont in his new Hayward longsleeve.

Huge gash.

Not my best suturing job, but it will do.

Bromont's new Hayward Athletic Dept. long sleeve.

He is pretty cute after he got back from his leashed walk in the woods.

5 thoughts on “A Chink in the Million Dollar Dog

  1. Bill

    good to see he finally joined the club, he’s just learning how to rip himself open and mena finally has learned how not to, like the t-shirt idea for keeping him from licking it

  2. Karen Larson

    Wow what good doggie Bromont is! I can’t imagine either of m dogs letting me stitch them up ever. Oh, BTW, good job on the sutures.

  3. Pizza People

    Steve, check out a Selk Bag for Bromont. He can relax in comfort no matter what the weather or outdoor activity. You need one as well. The forecast is for a cooler Cheq 40 this year. See Selk Bag in images on google.


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