Glencoe Criterium

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Okay. I’ve decided to drive to Chicago today and race tomorrow. In the back of my mind, I thought I might go up to Michigan and ride Ore to Shore, but that isn’t happening. For two reasons – I don’t have the fitness for it and I don’t have the mindset to get my equipment ready for it. I don’t do well at a MTB race unless I have everything set up perfect (my opinion of perfect) and my bikes are far from perfect right now. My bike might not be ready to race for awhile with my energy level.

Another reason for heading to Chicago is that it isn’t fair to make Bromont walk in the woods on a leash when he was romping 30+ miles a day before on his own. Oh, and it’s Trudi’s birthday and it is more than right that her family gets to see her for that.

So, the race is going to be a afterthought. At least I’m looking at it that way right now. I’m sure that will change later. It’s not like I am racing the PRO race there. I’d be mildly excited if that was the case, even with my pitiful form.

Next weekend there are some choices of different races. Then we’re going down to Hotter’N Hell in Wichita Falls Texas. It’s a 3 race affair. Two super hot criteriums and a way too early start, long road race. A sleep deprivation race for sure.

I’m thinking about going to the Iowa State Fair next week in Des Moines. Ames is flooded right now and I-35 is closed going South, but State Fairs in the Midwest are a very fun time and should not be missed.

Okay, this has nothing to do with anything, but it bugs me. I bought this book to read on the flight to Europe. I guess I didn’t read the fine print. It wasn’t written by Robert Ludlum. I knew Robert Ludlum died, but must of spaced it out. It seems like false advertising. The book isn’t good. Not even close to the Ludlum Bourne Books. I checked it out on google and there have been 12 books published under the Bourne name since he died. Seems just wrong. Especially since they put the real authors name in such small print.

3 thoughts on “Glencoe Criterium

  1. Charlie Anderson

    I used to Like Van Lustbader – wrote Ninja series in the ’80s, but now it seems like he does ghost writing instead of original ideas.

  2. Stephen Diers

    I got hooked on Ludlum way back, we had to wait for the Bourne books to come out in paperback because we couldn’t afford hardcovers! There is no substitute.

    Give ’em what-for in Glencoe!


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