Keys, 11:11

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I have a bunch of keys. Lots of keyrings. On the one I’m currently using, I have no idea what at least half of the keys fit. And it is very rare that I think, wow, I wish I had the key that fit that and it happens to be on my keyring.

I’ve never had a key to my house. I’ve lived in the same house since I was 14 and have never had a key to it. I go into the house through the garage 70% of the time and have to enter a code, if that counts as a key.

I’ve got keys to friends places in many parts of the country. It’s kind of nice having keys to friends houses, but I should probably mail them all back. I’m not a good person to keep track of keys.

11:11. Ever since I was a kid I’ve had this “relationship” with the number 11:11. It started when I was 10 or 11. (That would be weird if it was 11.) Anyway, I got an alarm clock for Christmas. It was the exact alarm clock that Bill Murray saw every morning in the movie, Groundhog Day. But, instead of flipping over to 6:00 in the morning, I always saw it flip over to 11:11. Mainly at night. I would wake up at least 5 nights a week and glance at the clock just as it flipped from 11:10 to 11:11.

Ever since that started, I see the number everywhere. I’m not sure if it is that I just notice the number more because it is important to me, but it occurs at an unexplainable frequency. Multiple times a day. I look at my watch and it will show 11:11:11. I think that something important in my life is going to occur at this exact time sometimes. And I’m not a guy that believes in superstition.

But, I think it is my good luck number. I can’t remember getting the number 11 in a bike race ever. I race enough I should be getting that number pretty often. At least once every couple years. It wouldn’t be 11:11, so it probably wouldn’t do anything for me anyway.

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  1. Joey Mesa

    Some random 11/11 weather trivia: On the date November 11, 1911 the record high and low temperatures were both set on the same day in Oklahoma City, and I believe remain unbroken to this day.

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