Eddy Merckx Special Edition Book

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Looking around the BMC service course last week I saw this book on one of the office tables. I realized it was something really cool instantly. It was one of the 525 copies of the Eddy Merckx book. There are 525 editions to match the number of races that Eddy Merckx won in his career. It is the same book that Eddy Merckx gave Lance at the start of the Tour de France this year. (He gave Lance edition # 7.) Anyway, I spent the best part of an hour skimming through the book. There are amazing photos from cycling’s past. The book belongs to Jim Ochowicz, Och, co owner of the BMC Racing Team. I would kill to own this book.

Vials of road from some of the most important victories.

Merckx with Tom Simpson, Jacques Anquetil and Rudi Altig in 1967.

Eddy Merckx giving Lance book #7 at the Tour this year.

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