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Okay. The first photo below is of Brent Brookwalter and his 10 grade school teacher – Ms. Anderson. She flew all the way to Paris, alone, to watch Brent finish the Tour de France. Brent removed his race number and signed it for her. She ended up coming to the BMC after race party. She was great.

I’m up in Cable. It was 106 in Kansas yesterday with a heat index of something way more. It was a high of 75 here in Cable yesterday. I rode the last 1/4 of the Chequamegon race on my MTB. It is so weird, my ribs are much worse riding on the rode. I’m beginning to think it is a soft tissue issue (tissue issue, he he) and not a bone or cartilage deal. That might not be so good. I’m just trying to ignore the whole thing right now and do whatever I would normally do. It has kind of been working. I got up at 7 am and swam all the way across the lake and back. About 20 minutes. I’m not any worse rib-wise than the day before. I think that is progress.

The 2nd big news of the day is that Dennis Kruse has a new washer and dryer. I know a lot of you out there have used his 1962 Maytag machines that were his parents. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I washed my clothes after returning from Europe and had to dry my jeans for 2 1/2 hours. We went to the small Sears outlet in Hayward and looked at new front loading machines. I was bound and determined not to leave the store without new appliances in the back of the van. It was iffy, but after a little negotiating with the store, and Dennis, a brand new LG pair were safely tucked away. They are great. The washer plays a little happy song when it is finished.

Tonight there is a Tuesday night ride down at New Moon in Hayward. In the meantime, we’re replacing the floor in Dennis’ ski boat. He has some good friends coming over from Germany in a couple weeks and they have two teenage girls. Water skiing is a must in that situation. I’ve never messed much with boats. A combination of wood, or non wood in this case, and fiberglass. We right now looking for some teak to use over the marine grade plywood.

I have no idea where my form is right now. I rode the Seeley Firetower climb yesterday in my middle ring a couple down in the back. That is the gear I use normally. I kind of wished I had raced the Firehouse 50 on Saturday. That would have at least given me a gauge of where I’m at. I ran another 30 hour yesterday. That is twice now and I can still walk. I figured I had walked enough around Europe to allow me to start running. It seems to have worked. So far.

Brent Brookwalter and his high school teacher Angela Anderson right after the finish of the Tour de France.

The new appliances. Anyone need a washer and dryer from 1962?

Middle of boat demo.

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  1. drew holbrook

    after I polish up my golf swing for the Northland Invitational in Duluth next weekend, work will begin on singleski technique. I tried to get Cecil to go to Cable last weekend we were in Duluth and saw the TallShips

  2. H Luce

    Put the washer and dryer up on ebay and set the minimum bid at what you paid for the new LG washer and dryer. I’ll bet you sell them both for more than the minimum, especially if they are in good cosmetic condition and still work. They’re nearly 50 years old, and there’s a big market for retro 1960s stuff…

  3. TRPL A

    Steve, You are too sweet. What a great time I had with BMC at the TdF. Rockford, MI is so proud of Brent.


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