Petacchi great in green in Wolvertem-Meise

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Petacchi and Basso were both on the podium in a start money criterium in Belgium. What surprised me was the Petacchi was wearing the Points Jersey from the Tour and Basso was wearing the Leader’s Jersey from the Giro. Maybe I haven’t been closely following these criteriums historically, but it seems weird that they are wearing the jerseys they won in other races. I understand the importance of their participation, but I have never heard of someone wearing the jersey from a previous race, other than World’s or Nationals, in a later event.

Not many times you see a jersey from the Tour mixed up with a jersey from the Giro.

3 thoughts on “Petacchi great in green in Wolvertem-Meise

  1. Sean YD

    It’s traditional for the Tour de France jersey winners to wear their jerseys in those post-Tour criteriums (I have a photo of LeMond in ’86 doing it.)

    But from the Giro d’Italia? That’s a bit of a stretch.

  2. poyntell

    I like that after a huge race like that they can enjoy a large glass of cold beer. Nice treat after such a hard race.


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