Gary Penman – Seeley Hills, Wisconsin

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The word pioneer describes the life of Gary Penman. A friend, one that I admired, died yesterday.  He made a dramatic impact on my life.  And I’m just one of the thousands/tens of thousands of people that he did this to.  He single handedly created/built his surroundings to his liking.  And, he allowed anyone that came to Northern Wisconsin the luxury to enjoy the fruits of his labors.

I can’t say I really knew Gary all that well.  But well enough to know I liked him alot. Something eclectic made him tick.  And this was what made him special.  He recreated the town of Seeley, Wisconsin.  And, built the Sawmill Saloon.  This is a place that hundreds of World Class athletes have been to.  A place that is a gathering point and melting pot not found elsewhere. This is a place where Elite athletes-cyclists/skiers/skaters, etc. drink beer and eat pizza with loggers and snowmobilers. He did this on his own. I believe for his own quiet entertainment.

There are too many stories and memories to try to relate how Gary bettered so many lives.  Below is a link to an article that probably says it better than I. Please click on it and read about his life.  We should all strive to live a life as such to be so admired.    I will miss having the knowledge that he is up in Northern Wisconsin creating. But feel free to go to Seeley and be awed by one man’s work.

Gary Penman - A Pioneer

Gary Penman - A Pioneer

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  1. poyntell

    “I believe for his own quiet entertainment.”–An insightful observation. The picture says it all—a renaissance northwoodsman. Lucky us!!


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