The Wind/Practice Cross….

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I finally feel a bit better.  I got a couple long (70+ miles) windy, rides in.  Fall is definitely upon us here in Kansas.  That usually means a bunch of wind.  I usually love the wind, it makes you stronger, but sometimes it doesn’t blow exactly like you expect.  Or from the direction your expecting it.  But, if you’re a cyclist from Kansas and you don’t embrace the wind, your life isn’t going to be very enjoyable.

I did a small cyclocross clinic the past couple days.  It is amazing how much better riders can get in such a small time period.  So I’ve come to the opinion that at least once ever couple weeks/every week most of us should go over to a local course and go through the moves.  And practice on aspects that you already feel comfortable with.  Try to do this with some other riders.  Helping other guys get better makes you think about how you do it and how to do it more efficiently.

There is a local race at the Nationals venue in Kansas City this weekend.  I haven’t raced the past two weekends, so it should be a reality check once again.  I’ll let you know how the course looks.  Other than that, I plan to get in some long rides while the weather holds.  Hopefully the wind keeps blowing.