Free Weekend…not really

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I should be on the East coast racing the two UCI ‘cross races there, but instead, am sitting here in Topeka with a sucking chest cold.  Probably just fall allergies, but I’m a horrible sick person during the season.  And, I have a tendency to not get over these things too quick, so it really weighs on my psyche.  There are a couple local ‘cross races that I’ll go and watch.  I don’t mind watching local races, but am not into watching bigger races that I think I should be racing.  Kind of weird.  So, back to the drawing board with fitness.  It is hard not to just lose fitness all fall until ‘cross Nationals in December.  That is why it is so important not to get sick much later than now.  There just isn’t enough time to recover.  Sometimes there isn’t enough good weather, either.  That is two strikes that are almost always thrown.  So, the message here is, don’t do anything stupid the next couple months to get sick.  OK.  That’s all the energy I have for now.