UCI Kinetic Cross Saturday-9th, boo!

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OK. Drove until 2am East Coast time to get to Detroit for the 2 UCI Cyclo-X races. Things seemed to be going good before the race. Mainly a grass course with a bunch of technical U-turns on hills. Anyway, I started where I left off last season. Pulling my foot out of my pedal at the start and dropping my chain. Catherine Walberg had finished 3rd in the women’s race and probably should of caught the girl in 2nd.

Anyway, I was called up to the line 5th, behind Jonathan Page, some Swiss National Champion that is travelling with him, Tristan, etc. Like I said, upon the 4th or 5th pedal stroke, I pulled my foot out of my pedal. I was buried, back in the late teens. I made a big effort and almost connected back to the front group of 9 at the end of the first lap, but they did a big acceleration and I was gone. I caught Adam Meyerson a lap later and we rode the rest of the race together going nowhere. We caught a couple guys that were fading and got caught by a couple guys that were riding faster. On the last lap, we were going for 7th, but Adam slid out on a corner towards the end and I ran into him and stepped on him pretty good. The other guy road away from us and we got caught from behind by a couple other guys. So, I ended up getting 9th, 2 UCI points. I’m not sure what to think about that. It wasn’t what I was hoping, but it is probably the place I deserved. Well, that might not be exactly right either, but that is how it ended up. OK. More results Monday, since I’m going to be driving 900 miles tomorrow night after the race at 3pm. Jonathan Page won. Swiss guy 2nd. Canadian National Champion third. Nerac guy 4th. Not sure of other results yet.