Kinetic Cross UCI 2 Davisburg, MI-Sunday 8th

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The race on Sunday went pretty much like the race did on Saturday, but I improved. Just alittle. I made way less mistakes and had a chance to ride myself up to a more respectable place, but kind of blew it. I ended up 8th, but had the ability to get 5th, but that didn’t happen. Jonathan Page won again, I think. He was with his Swiss friend and they went across the line together, so I’m not sure who actually won. I was riding around in a group going for 5th. We almost caught 3rd and 4th, but didn’t. On the last lap, I made a mistake that I couldn’t recover from and ended up last in the group. That is two days in a row. I ended up with a measley 6 UCI points for the whole weekend. That isn’t what I expected. But, I learned a bunch. Or, remembered a bunch is more accurate. Hopefully, Las Vegas will be easier now that I’ve raced a couple times. OK. 2 races down, 4 more to go this week.