Interesting Week Ahead

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I finally realized today that the next week is going to be pretty intense to say the least. I drove down to Chicago and am on my way to Detroit for the first two UCI Cyclocrosses of the season Saturday and Sunday. Then I’m driving back to Kansas and flying out to Las Vegas on Tuesday for Interbike and the UCI Vegas Cross on Wednesday nite and the “World” Criterium Championships on Thursday nite at the Mandalay Bay. Flying back on Friday mid-day to arrive in KC in the evening. Then driving from the airport down to Ft. Smith, Arkansas for the two day Mercy Classic. So, that is 6 races in 9 days. 3 of the being cyclo-x races which might cripple me.(I have “wogged”, Ned’s word for walking/jogging, 3 times this month.) Should be interesting. I’ll keep you updated.