Superweek Wrap-Back in Kansas

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OK. Finally over. Back in Topeka. I didn’t ride four 4 days. I did run 3 miles and I can barely walk today. Stage racing at Superweek gets to be alittle like Goundhog’s Day (the movie). Day after day (actually, Night after night) of the same schedule. Wake up. Eat. Ride an hour or so. Eat. Nap. Drive to Race. Race. Eat. Drive back. Eat and stress about not sleeping until 2 am. This might be the only place on the planet that you can race 17 days straight. Mainly at dusk. This year the weather was kind. Recently, it’s been in the 90 with super high humidity. This year was quite abit cooler. Which made many of the races quite abit easier. Which is still hard. The best thing about Superweek is that it is free-for-all racing. There is very little that the field can do to contain the eventually breakaways. And the strong guys make the breaks more often than others.

I didn’t keep count, but I think I raced around 11 of the races. I had to miss 3 because of Elite Nationals. I never planned to do so many days, but when Brian got into a winning position, I felt that I should start any race he was going to race. And, then, I stayed the last week and did the rest. Hoping to get out of this thing I’ve got going. It didn’t seem to work, but I didn’t get worse.

Anyway, the season is just half over with cross going until December, so…….. it’s not over until it’s over. I thought of a bunch of stuff I should post, but it slips my mind right now. Something to do with too many miles driving or something if I were to guess.

Going to Jefferson City, MO for the Missouri State Criterium Championships Sunday. Wonder is Huff is going to show? (The way he’s been feeling, he might only lap us once if he came.)

Then either Elk Grove, Tour of KC or Ore to Shore MTB race in Michigan. Criterium Nationals the next weekend after that in Downer’s Grove, then Labor Day in St. Louis. Eventually, I’ll have to get going good.