1st NRC Superweek Update

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I’m still up in Milwaukee doing Superweek. It is 17 days long. The middle 8 days, which was 4 road races and 4 criteriums, was a separate race series for National Racing Calender points(and the biggest prize list). Since there were only 3 of us here, Brian Jensen, Bill Stolte and myself, we decided to concentrate on it.

Brian started out super on his own, finishing 3rd in Alpine Valley to Karl Menzies, while Bill and I were racing Elite Nationals in PA. Getting back on Tuesday, he won the Whitnall Park Road and had a good lead in the series. Anyway, he made the breaks in the next two criteriums and had an insurmountable lead after a stellar 2nd place finish in Holly Hill. He didn’t even need to start the final criterium because of his point lead.

So, Brian and Bill went back to the blast furnace of Kansas and I’m still up here for the duration. Yesterday, I had a good shot at winning in Sheboygan in the rain, but got jammed up by a out-of-control Kayle LeoGrande the last two corners and finished 6th. I haven’t finished out of the “money” the whole series yet, but it is super fast/hard racing for the effort. I still can’t get a handle on my form. Some days it seems OK, but then the next I’m bad. I guess the season long from over with Cyclo-X coming up quicker than you think!

Pictures-Stack of New Trek Bikes. Brian in leaders/winners jersey.

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  1. sweide


    We missed you and the Trek/VW boys this year at the Dave Babcook Memorial Cycling Weekend. Of course, it conflicted with SuperWeek, but perhaps we’ll see you next year.



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