Tour of Kansas City-Stage 1

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It has been a hundred thousand degrees in Kansas the past week. I was juggling between going up to Elk Grove of staying local and doing the Tour of Kansas City. Elk Grove was going to be abit anticlimatical since I couldn’t ride for the “real” money, it switching to a PRO only race. Anyway, I was dreading the weekend because of the heat.

And now, after the first stage, a night time criterium in downtown Kansas City , Kansas, I had good reason to dread it. It was a hundred million, gazillion degrees. Even at 9pm. The heat index was way over 100. Anyway, 80 guys lined up for the start, which is good for the race. I think adding another race, making it a 3 race weekend is good. I felt pretty good for the first 30 minutes and really bad the last 40 minutes. I’m not sure how many guys finished, but there are varying guesses from 25 to 35. So, it was hard. Good course though, with a couple big ring climbs per 1 mile lap.

We had the race under control until the end when Brian got into a 5 man group. That wasn’t the “plan”, but in bike racing, plans are ever changing. He did what he’s been doing most the rest of the season and won. Not convincingly, inches, but a good win none the less. It’s scored on points, not time, so nothing is set in stone.

Tomorrow’s racing is scheduled at 2:30. Forecast temperatures around 103. Heat index 115 or so. Should be a really enjoyable afternoon if tonight was any indication.

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