Tylenol / Acetaminophen – The Next Tramadol?

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The is an article at Cycling Today about a study at The University of Kent that had results that said that taking acetaminophen decreased times in 10 mile time trials by 30 seconds.  That is a pretty large number.

The results of this study and one other, said that the acetaminophen reduces pain and allows the rider to hold a higher exertion level at higher temperatures.  That is an interesting part.   Higher output at higher temperatures.

I think there needs to be a larger study group.  The first study had only 13 riders and the 2nd, repeat study, had 11.  These guys were riding around a 26 minute time, so they were super great cyclists.  But still, the results were amazing.

I heard a podcast about the effects of over dosing Tylenol/acetaminophen and it is ugly. Especially in children.   Too much and it does severe liver damage.  Not a very good drug to be taking when dehydration is common occurence.

Anyway, it is interesting.  Funny how a normal pain relieve, over the counter, anti-inflammatory can be used as a “doping” product.   Funny, as in strange, not funny as humorous.


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  1. Roger Lomshek

    Now look for a bunch of dumbasses to shut down their kidneys and liver from OD’ing on Acetaminophen while dehydrated trying to win a local race.

  2. Jerry Seinfeld

    Give me the maximum allowable human dosage. Figure out what will kill me, then back it off a little bit. I’m going to break an hour even if it kills me.

  3. Bryan Barber

    Pain is what keeps us from exceeding our limits. It’s our number one sensation that promotes self preservation. Anything that helps us ignore or mitigate that sensation allows us to exceed our limits and creates a higher risk of mortality or overuse injuries.
    Over-the-counter medicines just like prescription drugs kill people every day.
    Marijuana on the other hand, while not as effective as opiates at killing pain, is a great general anesthesia and never killed no one.
    And it grows like a weed. Just add water.

  4. The Cyclist

    Long time ago when I was 16 yrs old I had a mild cold so took a paracetamol and then felt better and went out to ride a local TT. Did 30 km in under 45 minutes on a 52×16 iron gate. Never ever rode that fast b4 that. When I got home after the race it felt like I got hit in the chest by a sledge hammer. Severe pain and cramping for a couple hours. Thought I would fuckin die. Still not sure what happened. Maybe I had a mild heart seizure or something. That was the last time I ever combined pain killers and cycling…

  5. carlos

    Cheap beer, diluted slightly is good for 5-10 mins of superhuman performance before the pain kicks in.

    Being a masters racer, Viagra is starting to rear its ugly head as the drug of choice round here. Throw in beet juice, Low T prescription and a few painkillers for good measure.

  6. channel_zero

    “Low T” and generic viagra seems like a nice combo. The exogenous T definitely improves your ability to work out more and more intensely with improved recovery. The viagra would be a nice extra boost.

    Of course, long term use of exongenous T makes major problems, but who cares about tomorrow?

  7. conrad

    Another red herring. Tylenol, tramadol, caffeine, and the like don’t do much. Team Sky and others throw that out so that maybe people will overlook the EPO and motors that are impossible to compete against and really do change the nature of the competition.

  8. conrad

    Also, hypogonadism is bullshit. If you have at least one functional testicle and you ” suffer” from low T/low libido/brittle bones and whatnot, it’s because you are old, over training, or over stressed from life or the anal retentiveness of being an “elite masters” athlete. Taking testosterone is not the answer.

  9. James

    And there’s been any number of ‘studies’ over the years that say the Tylenol thing is bunk.

  10. Bike2055

    I respectfully disagree with your thoughtful comment. I was born with an undescended testicle. I had my first surgery before I was one year old to move my testicle from my abdomen to its proper place. Everytime I went for a sports physical as a young child the Doctor would grab my left nut and then would call other Doctors to also do an examination and then they would talk about it in front me. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I was told that I had varicocele. After getting married and unable to conceive a child my wife and I went to a Doctor who specialized in fertility issues. I was in my twenties and was tested and was found to have low Testosterone. I then had my second surgery to tie off the varicose vein. I still had low T and in my 20’s. My right nut is fine and my left nut is virtually non existent. I say all this as someone who was young and had one nut and low T. So, as to your comment I say “bullshit.”

  11. conrad

    I didn’t mean to come off as flippant. Yours is a legit medical issue, not just age/stress/over training. I still think there is a lot of dispensing of testosterone to people that don’t need it.

  12. Mark

    Weed is just another substance that puts you in bondage, you soon become a slave to it. Avoid using it.

  13. GonerDoug

    Maybe viagra explains why Nibali is always so, erm, PROMINENT in his finish line and podium pictures.

  14. James

    There’s a massive amount of things rx’d that are unecessary. Where do you want to start? That’s the cultural hypocricy on displayed here everytime peds are discussed. Look around, there’s a liquor store and a pharmacy on every corner.

  15. Sillypuddy

    Crazy if it’s true. Tylenol? Wow! Just imagine what some Robitussin could do? Most pros probably already buy it by the case.

    Sillypuddy OUT!

  16. Bill K

    Tylenol can mess you up………….but I do take two or three Aleve before a race. (only for races)

  17. James

    What you on crum? Something to get it up. Something to wake up. Something to knock you out. Hell your trucker pals are some of the biggest zombies rolling. If they stopped every 18 wheeler on i70 & tested them, 1/2 would be sleeping it off & going thru withdrawel in 12 hrs.

  18. Barb

    Can anyone race stoned on pot? Never heard that one. Although I used to know guys who would smoke hawaiian bud ( which is like heroin for most normal people) and go out and surf big waves.

  19. Chris

    I agree. I do agree with promoters that it’s no worse than alcohol but that does not mean it’s harmless. Woody Harrelson of all people just gave it up.

  20. Bryan Barber

    If you’ve ever used the substance you would realize how in accurate characterization is.
    The vast majority of doctors and scientists disagree.

  21. Bryan Barber

    That’s cute coming from a SoCal girl.
    If you were serious the simple answer is yes.
    It’s pretty much the same as racing not stoned just a lot more awesomer.
    FYI currently the best weed in the world is grown in your neighbors house across the street.

  22. chuck martel

    All drugs are performance enhancers or they wouldn’t be used. If you’re in pain, God meant for you to be in pain, not zooming around the country on a bike.


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