13 thoughts on “Land Run 100

  1. Donald J. Trump

    These video are never interesting even to the people that made them. Bad angles, bad narration, low quality, lots of wind noise. Sad!

  2. Robert E

    Great video! Saw big Dave Mizelle with the horns. It was fully nasty particularly between miles 70 to 80 when it was mostly walking. Had a small tot of the Evan Williams at the one Oasis location. At first I thought is was mirage. Thanks for making that!

  3. Clifford

    Holy cow.

    Keith was always one of my favorite people to ride with in the Topeka scene. Great dude and a hell of an inspiration.

  4. Karl

    Keith, that was very cool to watch. Thanks for making the effort to do the video. I appreciate it.

  5. upzmtn

    My friend Karl brought your video to my attention. Looks like a cold ride. Great video. Hard to make in the condition your riding in.

  6. Jake

    I still don’t understand why people who ride/race in the mud often are not using an internally geared rear hub. Do that and figure out some sort of sealed or self cleaning drive and a lot more of your power would go to the ground and you’d never dnf due to a driveline failure. also, have ultra wide tire to frame clearances to avoid packing and resulting drag.

    Why not have bike built for the task?

  7. MudMan

    Exactly. The first year LR100 winner was on a Scalpel with cross wheels. HUGE clearance and he rode stuff that the rest of us walked. Funny thing is that it is NOT the soupy deep mud that kills, it is the pasty stuff that just clings like glue.

    Single speed or Alfine and ensure that the mud doesn’t pack up at the bottom bracket and you are golden. So it seems.


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