Trump – Not Playing Nice

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You might agree 100% with everything that President Trump has said and done since running for office and getting elected.  You think he is taking our country in the right direction.  That is fine.  But I challenge you to defend the way he acts.

He uses intimidation, arrogance, non-informed knowledge, and sloppiness to try to get “his” way.

I guess the easiest description is that he is just plain mean.  When someone says something he feels is incorrect, the guy lashes out at them via social media.  Or he tells one of his underlings to defend him, many times by just lying.  It is so wrong.

And worse than wrong, it is disrespectful of the office of President of the United States.  It makes our country look arrogant to the rest of the world.   Thus, it puts us, the citizens of the United States, in very bad light to others.  It reflects very badly on us.

The United States has historically been looked at as an empathetic country.  We tend to try to take care of people who don’t have the freedoms that we have.  I am proud of these actions. We were all lucky to have been born here, or at least end up here.

But that isn’t the case so much now.  If Trump doesn’t think that the national media is covering the acts of terrorism enough, then the guy doesn’t watch the news or read newspapers.  That is all I hear on a daily basis.  But he calls our media “fake” and they aren’t doing their jobs.

Sure, there is bad news people out there.  But outright lying to try to make your point makes the man looks either stupid or just confrontational.  I think it is the later.

I don’t think that politics is a good profession.  It is a very hard job and the people involved, usually, tend to be pretty thoughtful and smart.

I am sort of astonished that republican senators and house members have to sort of lie when being interviewed by the “fake” media. Maybe not lie, but sidestep the questions or say they can’t speak for the president.  Just because you are in the same political party as the guy, doesn’t mean you have to lower your standards to his.

I feel our politicians should always try to tell the true.  Don’t speak publicly if you’re going to lie. That is a pretty good mantra to have if you hold the job. That isn’t  always the case today.

When our politicians start lying to the people of our country, the system comes under pressure. And when our elected citizens start treating others very badly, then the whole problem is exacerbated.  That is where we are now.

This is an addition – This isn’t a left or right political deal.  This is a manors or moral compass deal.  We want our leaders to act the role of a leader.  Not a mean-spirited, egotistical weirdo that seems more interested in how he is portrayed by the media than actually doing what is correct, or what he feels is correct.  It is really basic, don’t be a dick trying to get your way.

I can’t understand why the smart, nice guys in Washington can’t explain to Donald that he is acting very badly and should try to play nicer.  Maybe they have and he’s just fired them.

Seems like the German media likes us a lot.


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  1. Bolas Azules

    Wow going political on us. My worry is much of what might be needed as a society is getting ‘undone’ and it may take decades to rebuild much that will be dismantled. He ‘saves’ 1,200 manufacturing jobs only to gut 5,000 from the EPA. Crazy times, I hope we survive.

  2. KrakatoaEastofJava

    There is not a human being (or group of human beings) on this planet that Donald Trump feels subservient to. He has no humility. Nor should we expect him to adopt it anytime soon. The more he is criticized, the angrier he gets, and the deeper he digs. The best we can do is ignore him.

    The creators of South Park aren’t even planning on going after him anymore. It’s no longer funny, because all the bizarre stuff they’ve already joked about has actually come true.

    I predict he’ll be out of office by mid-term. He’ll either get mad and quit, or he’ll be impeached by his own party. Just be patient.

  3. TIM_G

    Also, his tone has set the general tone of discourse, and it isn’t good. Others are stooping to his level. Obama and Bush both took the high road, while Trump seems to only go for the low option.
    I can’t see how this can last for four years without him getting into some kind of very serious trouble. Mostly, this has just been childish stuff, but he’s on the verge of crossing lines that might have the whole country against him.

  4. Moe

    Ronald Reagan said “It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first”……

  5. Chris

    Trump AND the Republicans are morally, spiritually, and intellectually bankrupt and have few if any defensible positions.

  6. jim sully

    Being were mainly bicycle peeps, an analogy is all I got.
    In the peleton,you have all kinds of riders(like politico’s)
    Working together you can shelter from the wind,take turns pulling when leg-lung power allows.
    Set your gal or guy up for the preem-win…with honorable people these things can-will-have happened.

    My analogy:
    With Trump, you’ve got a rider in the peleton that half wheels,makes entirely unpredictable moves,is prone to throwing elbows,curbing another rider,barking alot and isn’t averse to using a hidden motor within his tubes to prevail.
    His team is currently the strongest,setting the tempo, lord have mercy on any rider(s) that threaten to curtail their strategies….A torrent of unethical anything goes stick in the spokes counter moves are radio’d to the soldiers…..down you’ll go…

    Personally I always tried to stay away from those riders,knowing they would eat their own sh*t to “win”.


  7. Merriam Webster

    Steve, How can you join the Trump attakers at this time when what we need is more terrorism attaker coverage on the Bowling Green massacre?

    Kelly Ann Amway has already talked about it on three occasions.

    We didn’t even know about that one, or the Orlando, Paris or Brussels attaks.

    The fake dishonest crooked news media doesn’t need your help attaking Trump. Sad!

  8. Frederick Douglas

    I am an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice.

  9. Roberto

    Very Much to me like the “Bully on the Playground” from when I was in school… Pushed individuals around when they did not agree and called them names and insults to defend their actions.. Also had a group of tag-a-longs that would often be silent in the background…~

  10. The Cyclist

    Just look at what he’s been doin in Scotland for the past 10 years. Forcing ppl out of their homes to have his way with his golf course and what not. Now US is next in line. I’m pretty sure he thinks of it as his golf course, too. He probably thinks the whole damn planet is his golf course now. Who knows.

  11. James

    We should all be scared. This clown & his cast of complete amateurs is in charge. Trump is a threat to our national security far larger than his red herring terrorist bs. For example:

    Goes to CENTCOM & spews his babble. If you are brass at centcom, and the shit hits the fan are you going to trust orders comming from an idiot?

    Hopefully the dominos/kfc/mcds trifecta will get him before its too late.

    Trump claims media won’t cover terror attacks – CNN

  12. Jim

    Is there anything that any of us write on here that is going make one iota of difference?
    I will say that I wish someone would cancel his twitter account.
    Hell, even the national news outlets use it as “news”.

  13. KrakatoaEastofJava

    See, you went and did it. You took out that wide brush and started painting with it. Polarizing with it. As if there is some benevolent party that’s on “your side” (the side of “good”). “If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31).

    Some people say we need a third political party, but to be honest, I’d be satisfied with TWO.

  14. KrakatoaEastofJava

    The psychology of the masses. Everyone likes to be on the winning team.

    Do you really think the majority of Germans REALLY admired Hitler in 1932? Not even close. But by 1936, there were few Germans who dared not to join in.

  15. Bill K

    I had my doubts when Trump said that you were still alive. Are you in a Nursing Home, or are you still able to get around by yourself. …What your secret for living so long??

  16. Bill K

    Yes they did. I remember my parents telling me how my Grandfather on my father’s side thought Hitler was so great, in the early 30’s. “He put people to work again”, “He built roads again”, “He made Germany Great Again”.

  17. Tony

    The peloton is like that, Trump is like that, where I work many people are like that. I wonder if our elected officials are nothing more than a sampling of what we have become

  18. Rope a Dope

    The system is corrupt I always thought Lance could have won Governership in Texas when he ruled with iron fist, heck that would a made him President Now! “America where every newsboy has so many firecrackers stuffed up his ass they all think their potential presidential timber!” Henry Miller ToC

  19. Anne Frank

    May I ask you a favor, will you help me find my diary? I misplaced it over 70 years ago, and as of last week it seems that America has forgot about me. You have to have a yuge amount of followers on twitter with the amazing job you are doing and the bigly recognition you are getting. America will remember to look for my diary if you tweet about it.

  20. Nor Meyer

    Of course all you Trump bashers realize that the Donald is the ONLY President to have sponsored an international stage race on American soil….Please spare us your TDS rantings—-thank you.

  21. Charlie G

    “I feel our politicians should always try to tell the true.  Don’t speak publicly if you’re going to lie.  That is a pretty good mantra to have if you hold the job. That isn’t  always the case today.”  
    Are you kidding me?!?!  Who in this solar system equates Politicians with truth??  When you referenced “republicans lie”, I would say this:  I am not saying it is impossible for a honest truthful politician to exists, but, I have never ever seen one to date in my life time.  No doubt (at the very minimum) Trump blows off without thinking the thought through.  No doubt, he has (or should at least) backtrack on some of what he says.  Why the big “shock”??  Trump was not my choice either, but I will say to you guys the same thing I tell my three Nieces…stop and ask yourself, “how did he get elected?”  Look at all the lies and crap that has been going on for years…………..and then some.  I guess people just plain got fed up to the hilt.  I cant believe how sheep cling to their side of the fence come hell or high water. Be a Free-Thinker and quit just ignoring all the wrong you see simply because the politician comes from your High School.  Steve; you feel that Obama & Clinton told the Truth??  Long gone are the days of Roger Mud & Walter Cronkite, when one turned on the news and got the news.  Now all we get is the National Enquirer.  NO doubt Trump has got to have the largest Ego I ever saw and some of what comes out of his mouth….holly shit.  But, with that said….take a good look at Hillery.
    And Freddy Douglass, you sure add a lot of credibility to crit to yourself when you call Merriam a Cunt for speaking her perspective.  As I look around at all the riots and destroying of property (hell they even trashed Starbucks & they are as liberal as one gets), I will say; I may not think Trump was the “one”…but I do understand just how he got elected.

  22. Larry T

    If Drumpf goes we get Pence. The guy who tried to mandate funerals for aborted fetuses. If he goes we get who, “Eddie Munster” Speaker of the House? Gawd help us all!

  23. Mike

    I took the douglas reply above as a parody of a trump tweet. Although using hate language (which is what the C word is, towards women, sorry, it is) is never acceptable.
    Not a good or funny parody, but a parody. I’m sure Trump will find out about and whine like the child he is.

  24. als

    Only Trump’s tweets will make a difference. BIG LEAGUE! Trump calls his own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it. Some FAKE NEWS media, in order to marginalize, lies! If it didn’t come from the Tweeter-in-Chief it’s FAKE NEWS! Trump’s Tweets is the only news source to cover the radical Islamic terror attacks in San Bernardino, Paris, Nice and Brussels. The FAKE NEWS stations CNN, ABC & NBC didn’t cover these at all. BAD! Only Trump’s Tweets will inform about the ‘So called judges’who make rulings that are BAD! Only Trump’s Tweets knows that any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Only Trump’s Tweets knows that people want border security and extreme vetting. Only Trump’s Tweets calls their own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it! EVERYONE!

  25. kmkmkmk

    Hillary AND the Democrats are morally, spiritually and intellectually bankrput and have few if any defensible positions.

    An equally effective post.

  26. Steve Tilford Post author

    Nor – Bashing Trump isn’t the point here. It is we can’t accept and must act when someone that is supposedly lead us acts inappropriately. There are accepted ways to govern. Being an asshole to do it isn’t my view of the right way. You can only convince someone of your views when they like you. When people hate you, then they are way less likely to believe what you say.

  27. als

    It’s also 13% – 22% of the ‘fraudulent votes’ that “such a nasty woman” received.
    Ironically, it’s also 22% of the popular vote margin that Trump lost.
    Now of course the actual numbers of ‘fraudulent votes’ and popular votes depends on quite a few things…

    “Many people have come out and said I’m right, you know that. And it doesn’t have to do with the vote, it has to do with the registration, and when you look at the registration and you see dead people that have voted, when you see people that are registered in two states that voted in two states, when you see other things, when you see illegals, people that are not citizens and they’re on the registration rolls. Look, Bill, we can be babies. But you take a look at the registration, you have illegals, you have dead people, you have this. It’s really a bad situation, it’s really bad.”

    WOW! So then depending on how “really a bad situation” it actually is, if it’s not “really bad” as he claims then apparently we are supposed to….

    “Forget that, forget all of that, just take a look at the registration and we’re going to do it, and I’m going to set up a commission to be headed by Vice President Mike Pence and we’re going to look at it very, very carefully.”

  28. nancy

    I hope that the Republican will start to show integrity and will think to do the best for their country. As for now, they did nothing and everything Trump talked to a foreign leader, there is trouble. We will be lucky if we don’t create a war… I hope they will start to act soon, before it is too late.

    You probably know that he was elected mostly by the Fox News propaganda and these folks learned to hate immigrants, women, gay, trans, liberal, minorities, etc and they don’t know or accept what is a fact or not… Up to now, he is doing a good job of pleasing that crowd, encouraging them to be less tolerant.

    If you have time, you can call your senator and congressman 202-225-3121 or try to meet him saying how you are displeased about his job and the President’s job. In the meantime, you can help the local Dem. for his election. He might not be perfect but he can take a stand in the congress with the rest of Democrats to block this non sense.

  29. James

    Only the beginning, only the beginning.

    He will be impeached by the mid terms. Just hope he doesn’t take us all with him before hand.

    Send him another silver player of big macs & a truck load of Lay’s chips. Not only is he stone cold crazy, he’s a fat fuck!

  30. als

    If Pence gets promoted those funerals for aborted fetuses will get pushed through within a week or two. However, Pence will not be charge just like Trump is the President but he’s not charge. The man at the reigns now is Alt Right Neo Nazi White Nationalist Shit Bag, Steve Bannon. Pence being able to finally get-off on his aborted fetus funerals wet-dream would just be subterfuge for Bannon to continue on with his plans of bleaching America. Trump’s mouth diarrhea is a shit screen so Bannon can stack his dominos so they fall just how he wants them, right into his theory of the “Fourth Turning.” Ever since the beginning of America, every 80 years (roughly) there has been a major crisis that killed of the “old order” which allowed for the birth of a new order. The American Revolution and Constitution (1774-1794), Civil War (1860-1868) and the Depression and WWII (1929-1945). Well doing the math it appears that we about due for a crisis and Bannon is hell bent on seeing come to fruition by his own fabrication.

  31. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Hold your horses. Propaganda is a two-way street. I should know. I’m a professional propagandist. MSNBC is every bit as much propaganda as Breitbart is. One man’s propaganda is another man’s gospel truth.

  32. mike crum

    i know nothing about politics, nor does anyone here commenting on steve post. quit acting like you do.. all you people go back to your non political job… an opinion is fine but ACTING like you have all the answers and how wrong the POTUS is is as laughable as a pro cyclist these past 50 years saying hes clean…

  33. Russell

    Kelly Ann Conway says Krakatoa IS actually east of Java. It’s just a long way east of java, which could also be thought of as a little bit west of java.

  34. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Russel, those are your words I was referencing. You just hadn’t said them yet. I was quoting YOU.

  35. bill hall

    Intimidation that is his mode. His cabinet attacks just like he does. It will always be “Alternative Facts” & stupid ass tweets. This is not a leader.

  36. Steve Tilford Post author

    kmkmkmk – That isn’t the issue here. Hillary and “the Democrats” have nothing to do with this. It is his actions that don’t reflect what Americans desire. He needs to act in such a way that we are proud of the way he carries himself. You don’t have to agree with his politics still, but that is a different subject.

  37. Barb

    What’s going to happen is the states and other parties opposing Trump are going to challenge what he’s doing in court. That is how the process goes. Impeachment is basically only a formal accusation of misconduct, it doesn’t remove the president. Clinton was impeached but remained in office anyway. And Trump is appointing a yes man supreme court judge, which is also going to be challenged legally, but he will win. With all of the highest judges on his side, much of what is going to be challenged in court, will be lost by the challengers. Gullible Americans foolishly voted Trump in, not realizing he’s nothing but a con man. Probably the biggest con man in the history of American politics. We’re already doomed, which is why my suggestion is, just ride your bike, and try to focus on what you can control and improve within your own sphere…he’s going to do what he’s going to do, no matter who doesn’t like it. It’s just too depressing to think about for too long.

  38. als

    Well sure propaganda is everywhere. Everything we read, (or look at for that matter) listen to, touch, even everything we smell and taste is a form of propaganda. We cannot escape it. With the proliferation of the digital age, more specifically social media, propaganda is constantly being shat down our throats from the assholes above us. We willing latch are lips onto these assholes and suck their shit like A fish takes to water. If we get so full of their shit we have to find a leech that wants to latch on to our assholes and suck out the shit that we sucked out of somebody else. Social media has made it real easy to find leeches whom are willing to suck your shit, they are just a share-a-post or a re-tweet away. In a matter of seconds they’ll be latched on sucking your shit, freeing up some room so you can go latch on to one of your favorite shit givers. Like I say, we all willingly do this. I think it’s best to be a well diversified shit sucker. I routinely suck shit that tastes and smells like… well… shit… really really nasty shit, and then I’ll go suck some shit that smells like roses and tastes sweeter than honey. Being an experienced well diversified shit sucker, I know the truth lies somewhere between those two assholes. Those folks who latch on to the exact same asshole day in and day out, never sampling shit from any other asshole, more than likely become a fundamentalist/extremist. In the most extreme cases, those folks end up living in remote and close knit communities of like minded individuals. On one end of that spectrum you have folks who worship guns, any and every gun is sacred to them. To them, Guns do not create life, only God does that. God wants them to have Guns for Guns provide and sustain life of which God created of them. Guns do not take life, only God does that. when someone doesn’t have a Gun to sustain their life God takes their life. They believe that Every gun serves a unique purpose and that there is an unlimited amount of situations that warrant being armed, those that have access to the most diversified arsenal provide the best life. These folks typically spend their days drooling over and then cleaning their weaponry (this makes God happy). They also recreate scenes from Full Metal Jacket (the first half) to prepare for their widely held belief of the inevitable day the radical, overreaching, authoritarian government comes knocking on their door to steal their guns. Which means the government would be trying to steal their God given life. When that day comes, they then will recreate scenes from the second half of Full Metal Jacket to prevent the government from stealing their God given Gun loving life. Now on the complete opposite end of the one asshole shit sucker spectrum, you have folks who spend their days imaging that there is no heaven, no hell below us and above us there is only sky. They live for today, well except for yesterday they lived for yesterday and then tomorrow they will live for tomorrow too. They imagine there is no countries, they don’t like boarders and despise walls, it’s not hard for them to do. They think there is nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too. They want all of the people to live life in peace. They know a lot of people think of them as a bunch of stoners, but they are not the only ones, everybody at their commune is stoned and/or tripping. At their commune they have no possessions, they have no greed or hunger – well… they do get the occasional case of the munchies. They strive to have a brother-sister-inbetween-both/hood of man or women or child or whatever you identify as, it don’t matter to them. They share all of their world, they also share their love for free, they typically have a lot of free love to give for those that are hard-up for some lovin’. Although in order to get a bit of their free love action, they demand that you first bathe in their vat of patchouli oil. They don’t believe in soap or shampoo, they think humans belong to the Earth and bathing with soap and shampoo prevents the body from becoming one with the Earth. You can only bathe in the communal tub of patchouli, they’ll kick your ass out quicker than shit if they catch you using soap or shampoo.

    Well anyway, the paths to the two ends of the one asshole shit sucker spectrum are deadends! You cannot turn around if you begin down those paths. Now the path to true enlightenment lies somewhere between those two deadends. So, it’s very simple, DO NOT suck shit from only one asshole. The more assholes you suck shit from the better off you’ll be.

  39. Larry T

    Sadly, this is EXACTLY what he’s counting on. “Nothing to see (or do) here folks, move along while I Make American Great Again for my rich friends at your expense.” This clown can’t stand to be away from a TV and craves “ratings” so our only hope is to protest loudly enough to get his attention.

  40. mark

    The last thing this country needed was another cookie cutter president. To hell with all of the politically correct bullshit of the past! Sometimes it’s good for people to get their feelings hurt. .

  41. als

    Hmm, well it’s obvious whose propaganda you have subscribed to. The good ole’ tried and true American Conformist. “There is only one correct format/method, if you use a different format/method you’re an idiot/wrong/stupid/dumb. If you never learn the correct format/method you’ll never amount to shit, you’ll end up being a garbage man or flipping burgers at the local Hardee’s. You’ll be a drain to society but you’ll be too stupid to know it.” We’ve all been spoon fed that bullshit since birth, then in elementary school they really poured that shit on thick. Fuck paragraphs! I’ve rarely used paragraphs for my whole life and I turned out perfectly fine. My third grade teacher told me that I had to rewrite my creative writing assignment because I didn’t use paragraphs. I asked her, “Why”? She said, “Because this is wrong, you have to use paragraphs.” I asked, “Why?” She answered, “Paragraphs are used to organize your points or ideas.” While holding up my paper and pointing to it, I told her that all of my points and ideas are organized within all of these words. All YOU have to do is read the words and you’ll then know all of my points and ideas. She told me that my method was incorrect and that I HAD TO USE PARAGRAPHS. I asked her, “Why, because somebody invented the paragraph? Who was it, who invented the paragraph?” She looked at me with a very unamused look at said very matter-of-factly, “I don’t know who invented the paragraph! But you have use paragraphs. It’s the way I was taught, therefore it’s the way I’m going to teach you. AND, using paragraphs is the only correct way to write a paper. I rolled my eyes and said, “Whatever.” That night I rewrote my paper – word by word and line by line and handed it back in the next day. She gave me a D-, she said the story was great but I didn’t follow directions. I told her that the directions she gave me was #1: To rewrite the paper. #2: Use paragraphs. I then held up the original and the rewrite and said, “Look, I followed one of the two directions, that should be at least a C.” She said, “No, you did not follow directions! You MUST follow directions!” I rolled my eyes and said, “Whatever” and then walked away. Well that day I vowed to teach my third grade teacher something. I vowed to learn and then teach her who invented the paragraph. Well it took about 20 years of researching but I finally out who invented the paragraph. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t an English teacher or a linguist, or a grammarian. It was this guy who owned a paper factory his last name was Graph. Well way back, way way back in the day when society/humanity began to create legal and historical documents by handwriting on paper. Well paper cost money, so to cut costs they put all of the words together, the didn’t put in any blank lines. Well Mr. Graph came upon some hard times and needed a lot of money, really fast. He realized that if he could force people to put white space in their documents, they’d have to buy more of his paper. Knowing his idea was very ‘Abnormal’ but still wanting to name it after himself he called his invention the Paragraph. He then included in every ream of paper he sold “How To Use Directions” 1. You must use paragraphs. 2. Paragraphs are groups of 1 to 5 sentences (give or take a few). 3. You must indent the beginning of each paragraph. 4. There must be a blank line between paragraphs. 5. You must follow these directions. Yeah so Mr. Graph became a bajillionaire pretty much overnight due to all of the white space people “had” to include in all of their documents. So in closing, paragraphs are not normal, the only purpose they serve is to force people to buy more paper. Oh yeah and interesting little tidbit – Mr. Graphs great great great grandson devised a get-rich-quick-scheme too. He put many parallel lines, horizontally and vertically on paper, he called it “Graph Paper.”

  42. KrakatoaEastofJava

    als… if you were a real non-conformist, you’d stop using uppercase letter forms. why should one letter be any more important than another?


  43. barb

    Protest accomplishes very little. The battle here will be in the courts and no matter how emotionally invested in protest people may become, change happens within the sphere of law. Not some guy writing on a blog. 650K people are marching to impeach Trump. Out of the vast number of Americans who voted him in, this isn’t enough. And they will lose. Again. I’m not defending Trump, I’m saying, look at the process. .

  44. German

    “Seems like the German media likes us a lot.”

    Er, it´s Trump the german media doesn´t like. Nor anyone in Europe for that matter.

  45. William Comer

    Wow Mr. Tilford and liberals, a clear case of selective outrage?! Disclosure, I voted for pTrump and as of now would gladly do it again.

    Long time lurker and I don’t recall your outrage when Jon Gruber was caught on tape numerous times saying they had to rely on the “stupid American voter (democrat because republicans were opposed to it) for the passage of Obamacare. Benghazi and the lies of the coverup, Fast and Furious gun running, You can keep your doctor and your plan, and your rates will decrease by $2500. The IRS scandal…..the list continues.

    You are bothered by decorum but not blatant lies?! Liberalism really is a disease.

    As for pTrump’s cabinet. I love Devos for Secretary of Ed (though I wish she would just close it down, no need for it). Her beliefs on school choice are awesome, fpObama, Clinton, and yes yours truly all had school choice. My kids attended the top rated private school in my town and my son graduated from the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, TX. There was no way the government was going to educate my children. Every child no matter gender or race should have the same opportunities my kids had and the politicians I listed. The private schools I sent my kids to had to compete with others, not the public schools. Three kids and no snowflakes.

    Mattis is awesome. As-is Dr. Ben Carson for HUD, what an example. Sessions for AG is a great choice.

    Flame away, I don’t care because I love watching liberal’s heads explode.

  46. H Luce

    Trump isn’t the first president to be combative with the press. Theodore Roosevelt was pretty hardscrabble with the media of his day, he really went at it – his nickname was “The Spectacles And The Teeth”. And he fought on like this for nearly two terms. And in 1912, he was giving a campaign speech, and someone shot him in the chest.. and he kept talking for 20 more minutes until he finished his speech. So TR was a pretty outspoken and controversial guy, the passage of time has softened him considerably, but if you read contemporaneous news accounts, in some ways he was definitely like Trump.

    Most bicycle racers come from a lot different culture than Trump. In college, he didn’t party on the weekends, he took the train back to New York where he worked for his dad. After college he went straight into business, working from 6am until 8pm seven days a week – which amongst multimillionaires who own their own businesses is not uncommon. And he’s continued that. He’s had a lot of contact with skilled trades and union people from New York City, and his manners reflect that; he has the personality of a Texas oil wildcatter, takes big risks, wins big, loses big, fights hard, and wears his heart on his sleeve. We haven’t had a President anything like that for over 100 years, really, they’ve been, for the most part, Ivy League Yalie managerial types. Trump isn’t that and so it takes getting used to.

    But talking about and obsessing about, and getting thoroughly offended by, his personality and manners is pretty useless – the are to look at is his policy and his actions – what he *does* instead of what he *says*. Actions are far more important than words.

  47. jt in nyc

    “I don’t care because I love watching liberal’s heads explode.”

    Your comments remind me of the word “reactionary”, whereas people are motivated by the positive feelings they get from other people suffering, and also a desire to move backwards in time, to a period when things were supposedly better, at least for them.

    That’s what’s so horrendous/idiotic about the hard-core Trump supporters: they are motivated at least in part by meanness, as he is. But in Trump’s defense, he and his cronies are also getting rich. For a lot of Trump supporters, that’s not going to be the case.


  48. William Comer

    I didn’t mean explode literally. Actually I find it quite amusing.

    Please detail how pTrump is getting rich from his time in the Whitehouse? You said it, so give specifics.

    Please explain how fpObama earning a few million from book sales and a salary of $450k has homes in Hawaii, Palm Springs, Chicago and leases a home for upwards of $10k per month?

    Jt, you have some work to do.

    FTR, I’m not a hard-core supporter of anyone excluding family and friends.

    But back to your comment, please give a detailed explanation of how pTrump is going to get rich from his time in the Whitehouse?

    Finally talk about reactionary? You are a textbook case according to your post. I’m glad I don’t live in your negative world, much nicer here. Regards.

  49. Steve Tilford Post author

    William – There are lots of ways that he is going to make a ton of money personally. Just take the rent of The Trump Tower. The Department of Defense and The Secret Service are both negotiating to rent space in the Tower. It is $1.5 million a floor. The articles I read was that each would rent two floors, for $3 million a year each. So that would be 6 million dollars, times 4 years, which would be 24 million dollars. That is a deal compared to the $400,000 a day that the secret service is spending to “protect” the Tower right now. Multiple that out and it comes to $584,000,000 for his term. That is just so he can go back to NYC when he wants. Funny what people think is important.

  50. Steve Tilford Post author

    Hudson – You’re wrong. Actions are important, but words are what moves people. Nobody likes a egotistical dick. And when people don’t like someone, they tend to not want to “get along”. The guy is just plain mean and has no compassion for anyone, as far as I can tell. Fuck his politics. It is irrelevant. He is more interested in what people are writing and saying about him than doing one of the most important jobs on the planet. Pretty indefensible.

  51. jt in nyc

    “Actually I find it quite amusing.”

    Right – your politics are based in part on enjoyment of other suffering. Like Trump. That’s my point.

    Steve has given a brief intro on the money issue.

  52. jt in nyc

    “It is irrelevant.”

    It’s irrelevant to your first post. But to people suffering from his actions – like refugees, like people who will lost their health insurance, like US military overseas who will lose support of local Muslim staff – they’re important.

  53. William Comer

    The fpObama and his family did right at a hundred million in vacations. I believe the Trump hotels do pretty well on their own and didn’t need to have pTrump run for president to increase their value. Steve, you guys are grasping for straws.

    It is amazing you guys have no criticism for the Clinton’s and the money they have earned through the foundation, the Obamas and the amount they have earned in public office and look at Bernie, no job till almost 40, never earned more than a Senator’s salary and has three homes, including his latest on $600k plus lake home.

    Okay, pTrump is a dick?! So what? What has he done wrong from a governing stance? Once again, I would rather him talk the way he does and govern how he promised than lie and govern how he wants. For example “you can keep your doctor” and “your rates will decrease $2500 per year” and blah blah blah.

    Disclosure, I don’t care what other countries think about us or me, They don’t care what we think of them either, nor should they. I care about our safety, economy and our citizens. I want America to be first, frankly when America is first the rest of the world benefits.

    pTrump isn’t collecting a salary, well actually he is collecting $1 per year, did the last guy do that since he was making enough to have a net worth of $24 million? Don’t think so. Honestly you guys are overreacting to a pTrump.

    One final thing, I haven’t come across any outrage when Hillary Clinton (thank God she lost) called pTrump supporters “Deplorables”? That’s the problem with liberalism, you only find outrage with the other side, it is perfectly okay for liberals to call names, make false accusations and destroy property, but a conservative or a Republican president makes an off color remark y’all’s heads explode (sorry JT, lol).

    Happy Birthday Steve.

  54. William Comer

    JT so you rely on Steve for your monetary talking points? Interesting!!!

    I don’t know where you live, but I would guess ( I could be wrong but I doubt it) you aren’t a southern boy.

    Okay JT, without turning to Steve, please give one specific example where I enjoy another American Citizen suffering. Either do it or keep your little liberal snowflake feelings to yourself. You can’t so you have no point.

    Your arguments are useless, never based in facts. All you have are your petty accusations that mean nothing.

  55. William Comer

    JT one more thing, since you are so concerned about the refugee problem why don’t you allow a couple to move into your home. You can be a sponsor. I think it is a great idea.

    I’m sure there are quite a few unvetted Syrians that would love to move in with you. Maybe a couple of unvetted Somali’s and an Iraqi along with a family of Iranians. Go for JT.

    Then you can start a blog that is demonstrative of your righteousness and you can tell us how great you are and never say anything that may hurt someone’s feelings.

  56. Steve Tilford Post author

    jt – Yeah, that is what I meant. For this decision to not get out of hand, there needs to be an acknowledged differential between his/or your politicial views and his demeanor. His actions are a completely different topic, which isn’t going to be solved here.

  57. Steve Tilford Post author

    Will – I think we’d get along okay. But you need to understand some of the real complaints. “You never have to say anything that may hurt someone’s feelings.” That is the point. He doesn’t have to say them. What does it accomplish? I think the president should act above that. What is all this twitter stuff? What is he accomplishing by this. You have to agree that much of what he puts out there is factually incorrect. That is a nice way saying he is just wrong. And that really doesn’t matter. He has much more important things to do with his time than this. He is in charge of our countries’ citizens, plus, obviously, affecting millions of other people’s lives that don’t live here. He needs to concentrate on priorities and get off this stupid tic for tat thing. It accomplishes nothing except widens the divide.

  58. William Comer

    I’m speaking from a political view here. My feelings have never been hurt by what someone says politically. Frankly, my feelings have never been hurt by someone that doesn’t mean shit to me ( I wouldn’t allow it).

    My reference to fpObama and Hillary are just that y’all never are critical of them. Let me tell you if pTrump did a tenth of the things those two did you guys would be calling for his arrest and subsequent prosecution.

    It’s not tit for tat from me, it’s making the point that y’all have selective outrage. That’s all I’m saying. If pTrump doesn’t do the things he ran on I will be outraged, not vote for him again and complain. At this point I am willing to accept the warts to get done what needs to get done to turn this country around and get it on the right track once again.

    Why do liberal people always use statements like “we would probably get along”? Why wouldn’t we get along? Isn’t that understood? Conservative people don’t say that stuff because we assume we would get along. I don’t have a problem with JT as person either. Y’all always start from the negative, that’s where the victim mentality comes into play. Like instead of being a human with y’all it’s a black person, hispanic, gay LGBT, whatever, why not just a person. I see everyone the same and determine their value by how they behave and their actions. My assumption has been from the beginning that we are never going to agree politically, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t get along, unless y’all can’t separate said feelings. That’s up to you guys, not me. Remember, according to your side I am a deplorable.

    I will give you insight into the mind of a deplorable. I voted for pTrump because sCruz voted for TPP before he voted against it (by that time he knew it was going to pass). It pissed me off, he acted like a politician. So I went gladly to pTrump. At this point I am glad I did. He has gone after Republicans as well as Democrats and I love it.

    Removing his twitter comments, everything he has done to date is to make this country better for every American citizen, unlike others who just carve out certain Americans and non-Americans.


    I also find it weird how everyone wants to play nice and fall in line. But the ones that are telling us to fall in line and play nice are the ones that will be effected by the crazy laws and changes he may implement or repeal.


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