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I have written heard a lot about chasing life memories.  I think that is what most people are doing.  They might not realize that is their desire or destiny, but that is what I think is going on. And each person has their own memories that is only theirs.

You don’t necessary have control of these memories or then you get them.  They can be monumental things, huge accomplishments, or can be a simple as laying on your back, watching a flock of geese fly over.  They are very personal.

I thought of this yesterday, when my friend Jacob Dickinson, was speaking at his mother’s funeral.  He told a very eloquent story about a memory of being young, on a beach at Puget Sound, in Seattle, with his mother, collecting ocean worn glass.   His story explained the experience of his mother explaining to him how the glass transformed from a sharp, dangerous object to something of beauty.  He said that experience changed his views of object, thus people, throughout his life.  It was a very truthful and touching prose.

I have tons of life memories, as each of us do.  Like I said, many of my life memories I didn’t dictate.  They just came.  At many different times, many unexpected.  I have life memories from the last 3 months, after fracturing my skull.  None that would mean much to someone else, but many that are important to me.

After the funeral yesterday, at Grace Cathedral, I went down to the basement, to a small chapel, where the is a columbarium. My dad’s ashes are there.  I’m not exactly sure why that is.  It isn’t one of my life memories.  But, he is there, at least part of him is.

I haven’t been there for a couple years.  I felt a little sad about that for some reason.  I’m really not of the belief that my dad is there.

I was thinking that if there is the slightest chance, like even 1 out of 1,000,000 chance that someone’s soul stays near where their bodies, or ashes, are, then I need to jailbreak him.  I wouldn’t want to be left there and think it is a very lonely place.  Not where you want to spend “eternity”.

I didn’t break him out, but I did reminisce a bit of my life memories with my father.  It was good and a nice way to transition from a funeral back to something closer to normal life.  I think I just had another life unexpected life memory.  That is how they come.

My dad’s plack.

Inside Grace Cathedral.

My father used to play the organ some.

17 thoughts on “Life Memories

  1. Carl Tatzko

    Interesting thoughts. Our memories we make in life are very important. I noticed your dad’s name was Carl and he was born June 13th. My name is Carl also and my birthday is June 13th. Ironic.

  2. LD

    I envy you your memory. It gives you such great stories to tell. I have very little specific recall of my life’s events (I figure my brain is wired in some weird way). I read a story recently about Marilu Henner, made famous by her acting role on the TV show Taxi. She has total recall; she can tell you what she was doing on Thanksgiving in 1985 or any other date. That would be too many memories for me.

  3. John Goggin

    Yep. I’ve been in that same stream of thinking now and again. Best wishes to you as you recover. I just started my recovery rides, and my heart is full again with life. Give a pet on your pooch’s head. – John from CA.

  4. Byron Haugh

    Am a little surprised no one is reacting to the stories of secret motors in racing bicycles?

  5. KrakatoaEastofJava

    In 4 years of reading, I’ve not heard you mention much about your family (other than you have one). I’m glad you mentioned your dad. I’d love to read more about the Tilfords. Great post. I like what you write, because you include your own humanity in what you write. Your feelings, etc. People love authenticity, and you bring that to the table.

  6. Tony

    Euro is not judging he is just stating a truth he believes in. You may not agree with Christianity but Euro is simply applying to Carl what he deems to be truth. We either spend eternity with God or eternity seperated from God. God explains thru the Bible, His word how to have eternity with Him. God is the judge. That can be a road block to many since many want to judge for themselves what is right.

  7. Davey

    Tony, Euro is not stating a ‘truth he believes in’, he is stating his belief. A truth is the quality or state of being true. While people believe in different gods, and can feel very strongly in the belief, we cannot take the leap to say it is certain or true. Many people once believed the earth was flat. Belief didn’t make it true.

    Besides, if the christian god and their heaven were to exist, it would most certainly be filled with a bunch of judgmental, self righteous, a-holes. Not a tempting place to spend eternity. Actually, even the bible doesn’t even describe a compelling heaven. You get to be with god, but if you read the old testament, he isn’t someone someone in their right mind would want to be around. But I’d bet dollars to donuts you haven’t actually read the whole thing.

  8. Max

    I know that I’m a day late commenting on this but your comment about someone’s soul staying close to their bodies brought this to mind. Just over 4 years ago my sister passed away from breast cancer. She was well known for living a simple/peaceful life and being very strong in her faith in Christ. She was ready to go “home”! Excited even! We have a big family and everyone was around her bed as she took her last breath. Everyone in that room witnessed a mist come out of her mouth just after she took her last breath. I was a nonbeliever at that time and have searched for a scientific explanation to explain what we ALL witnessed. I have found none. Even so I was still convinced that God did not exist and that I would never believe again….. A couple of months ago I was faced with the possibility of losing my own family (wife and child). After exhausting every option that I had at hand to no avail. I reached out to God in desperation. AMAZINGLY he was there! The story is still unfolding and I have felt the grace of God. JESUS LIVES!

  9. Elias Greiner

    Steve is terrible at both spelling and grammar. Look at the forth word in his opening sentence. It goes downhill from there.

  10. Skippy

    Oh dear !

    Pot TRYING to call kettle black ?

    Stick to numerals , 4th , since YOU think ” FORTH ” instead of fourth !

    Tillie writes as he speaks ? Go to wiki pedia to practice your virtues !

    Teaching “spelling ” is not one of them !

    Meanwhile the rest of us are grateful that ” Tillie ” is still around to provide his take on the world at large !


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