Lawrence Christmas Horse Parade

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Yesterday I went over to Lawrence and watched the annual Christmas Parade.  I normally ride the 30 miles over there, but that wasn’t an option this year, but it was still super fun.  I think they have over 120 different groups of horses that come to downtown to celebrate the holidays.  Anyway, here are some photos from yesterday.





Cleaning up the poop at the end.

Cleaning up the poop at the end.

9 thoughts on “Lawrence Christmas Horse Parade

  1. Dave

    “…it was still super fun.”

    Words like that went missing for awhile, not surprisingly. I’m glad you’re recovery is progressing so well!

    Happy Holidaze everyone!

  2. Thomas

    The idea that Phil is just riding around chasing some dopers kom for fun is nonsense. He is bringing exposure to the team sponsors. This is what he got a contract for. Cannondale didnt sign the guy to race. He raced only 48 days and didnt make a Grand Tour spot. He brings American eyes to the team by marketing himself as a cookie loving goof ball. What else is there to say?

  3. Thomas

    Steve next time you are in st.louis you should check out Grants Farm. The beer garden has some of the Busch Family horses and carriages. The Transporation museum has some as well. The Grants Farm experience is better than the museum though.


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