Election Day

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Today the election for the next president will be over.   Hopefully.  If it’s not, then it is going to be another mixed up thing as it was with Bush and Gore 12 years ago.  It might be anyway.

Yesterday I spent 4 or 5 hours in Kansas City at KU Med.  I went to the neurology department and met up with a doctor who only deals with head injuries.  Her name is Dr. Alexandra Nielsen and she is super.    Luckily, I haven’t had to spend that much time with doctors, but yesterday was enjoyable, although pretty tiring.

I’ve read up enough on head trauma and realize that it is a case by case basis.  Dr. Neilsen was very good and explained most of the questions I still had.  I’m going to be driving to Kansas City and see her on a pretty constant basis.

I did a physical therapy session and it didn’t go so well.  I can’t walk moving my head around without being all over the place and super dizzy.  I’m going to start doing it 3 times a week here in Topeka and then go to Kansas City every two weeks or so.  I think my outcome is going to be good, but with head injuries, it is very hard to be absolutely positive about outcomes.

I have an MRI on my neck scheduled.  I guess I screwed up my neck some when I slammed my head onto the concrete at 30 mph, go figure.  I’m having some numbness issues in my left arm and fingers.  We’re going to try to figure that out too, which is low on my list right now, but it won’t be if I can get this sleeping thing down.

Last night I took some new medicine.  It was a medicine made for depression, but I guess didn’t work too well for it.  But it does get rid of headaches and induces sleep, which are the two biggest issues I need to address first before I can move forward.

It worked somewhat.  I slept over 4 hours, which is about 4 days sleep recently.  It is kind of hard moving this morning, I’m still pretty groggy, but I’ll be groggy for hours if I sleep for hours.

I got permission to sort of train.  So I rode the ergometer for 20 minutes yesterday.  It wasn’t really training, it was just moving my legs around in circles.  I have to keep my heart rate super low, like way under 100, so it is going to be humbling.  But saying that, it was pretty great nearly breaking a sweat and not seizing up.

Okay, I guess I need to eat and then go out to wait to vote.  I should have done it early last week, but couldn’t really get out and do it.  Votes matter after all this craziness, so please do it, no matter who you are going to vote for.  That is the only way this system works.


Baby steps.

Baby steps.

Dr. Nielsen.

Dr. Nielsen.



19 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. KrakatoaEastofJava

    That Tunturi was made around the same year as that paneling. I love it! Good to see you on the mend.

  2. Fritz

    every now and then i start thinking about replacing my 20 year old trainer and then see a picture of steve on the tunturi and realize my trainer is fine.

  3. The Cyclist

    A. The system is not working. It’s the system’s fault we got all the problems in the first place.
    B. Where’s Whoppy and all the other helmet trolls? Steve’s not wearing a helmet riding his stationary.
    R y’all let it pass? Sure you got somethin to say…

  4. Cranky Curmudgeon

    Seems like you’re coming out of denial and wrapping your head around your new “profession.” Maybe if you stay on this path, this blog (aka your life) will get back to the things that attracted most of us in the first place: bikes, fixin shit and dogs.

  5. als

    I agree, it won’t be close. However, one of the candidates has never lost this type of marathon before, who also just so happens to have recent experience in reality T.V. That candidate has a surprising amount of supporters who strongly feel that reality T.V. experience is exactly the type of experience that the leader of the free world must absolutely have. And if you don’t agree with them, they will not hesitate to tell you that you’re not living in reality. It’d be very remiss of me to not state that this particular candidate is no spring chicken when it comes to filing lawsuits. I doubt I have to remind anybody that 12 years ago the SCOTUS “determined the winner”. However, there are probably a few people who need to be reminded that currently the SCOTUS has 8 members, 4 lean right while the other 4 lean the other way.

    Murphy’s Law?
    Chaos Theory?
    Pandora’s Box?
    All of the above?

  6. Choppy Warburton

    When I have a scotus problem I use Assos chamois cream on the scotus and the member.

    Which sometimes goes right and sometimes go left.

  7. als

    Hopefully, for your own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of any family/friends-with-bennies that you may keep, the member in your scouts is able to go up along with your functioning side to side. It should be noted that the laws of nature will always make the down direction possible.

  8. Donald Trump

    Trump is looking like a winner. People are sick and tired of failed liberal policies. The poorest,most violent,most corrupt large cities in the USA have been run by Democrats for decades. Victim mentality. Those evil rich people need to give me free stuff.

  9. Marcus Welby

    Thank you for following doctor’s orders, Steve. You are rolling down the road of recovery!

  10. barb

    Not sure how people can blame “liberals” for the messes in this country, one of which is unending middle east military engagement, increasing national debt, ongoing economic stagnation etc. Just to clarify, Obama inherited a mess in the middle east no one can fix. Granted he’s a deceptive jellyfish and Obamacare was a dismal failure, but the Repugnicans also blocked every single thing he tried to do with their immature obstructionism and infighting, and refused to “work together” to fix any of our problems. This failure as legislators is one of the biggest reasons Americans lost faith in the system, and voted for Trump, because his message wasn’t more republican BS, is message was “I’m going to fix these issues.” These issues didn’t happen overnight, and each party has contributed equally to our problems over a period of years, which apparently no one remembers before last week. People seem to simply love to polarize issues, so they have someone/a party to attack because in some nefarious way, it makes them feel powerful to attack, and makes them feel good about attacking when they can inspire others to join in on the rock throwing. All I can say is Steve sounds a little more upbeat in this post, and I’m hoping for a good recovery and sending positive thoughts his way…


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