Sunday – Day 7

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Today is the last day of this week.  That is a good thing I guess.  Nothing like a fresh start of the week tomorrow.  For me, it is the same old, same old.  I think I’m getting better, but it is by such small amounts that it really is hard being anything but demoralized.  That is probably my general mindset as of now.

Yesterday there was the beer mile held here in Topeka.  My bike group started doing this maybe 3 years ago and it is growing, not by much, but by a tad.  Yesterday there were 14 runners total.  Two groups of 7.  About 1/2 the people are straight up cyclists, the other half runners and such.

I actually drove the mile over to the race.  I’m not driving any better than walking, so it was slow going.

It was fun.  Watching at least.  4 beers, 4, 1/4 mile laps.  Pretty hot for October, mid 80’s. Breezy, wind blowing over 20.

There was a fair amount of puking.  Puke and you have to run an extra lap.  I haven’t puked since I was realeased from the hospital.  Mainly, most likely, I haven’t been eating that much.  Plus, I haven’t had any alcohol, beer, wine or anything, so I’m missing that stimulus.   Also, no coffee either.  I’m not sure what that is all about, but for some reason, I have no desire for any coffee.  I’ve been drinking a bunch of hot chocolate, but no coffee.

Okay, a bunch of photos below.  About done here.  I only have about 10 minutes of computer time in me before I go into a tail spin.  I did slept 2 hours tonight, but the problem is it is 1 am, so the night is going to be pretty long.  I might try sleeping again, once this pain killer kicks in a tad more.

Pre-race talk. Golden running shoes as 1st place awards.

Pre-race talk. Golden running shoes as 1st place awards.

1st group starts.

1st group starts.

I had just about 30 minutes of energy in me before I had to go home and sit in the dark.

I had just about 30 minutes of energy in me before I had to go home and sit in the dark.

Eric awarding the prizes.

Eric awarding the prizes.

Charles won overall, running 7:12 I think. Pretty good considering.

Charles won overall, running 7:12 I think. Pretty good considering.

Two years in a row women's champion.

Two years in a row women’s champion.

Fall is just getting under the way here in Eastern Kansas.

Fall is just getting under the way here in Eastern Kansas.




23 thoughts on “Sunday – Day 7

  1. Scott Hite

    Not having caffeine might be contributing to your headaches. You could take it in pill form or whatever instead of coffee.

  2. Craig

    Dude, I hope by driving you meant Trudi drove you. By your description you are on a ton of strong pain meds plus having a TBI … you are a hazard if you are driving. If somebody else drove you then ignore me and heal well.

  3. The Cyclist

    Chocolate’s so much better for ya than coffee. At least one good thing came out of all this…

  4. David Randleman

    Steve, you’re not taking it easy on yourself. Stay indoors, keep it dark, and keep the volume down. Your brain is trying to heal and you need to let that process work or you might be making it worse. Lay low, man.

  5. Barb

    A little dark chocolate now and then is alleged to be beneficial. It always makes me feel a little better when I’m going through something awful. 🙂
    Hope you’re at least *trying* to rest as much as possible, although I can sympathize that gets old really fast, but– it’s a necessary evil if you’re going to get better. Get well soon.

  6. Satan

    Wear a helmet you ass. And seriously driving a car? Did you ever think about the cyclists you might have hit in that one mile?

  7. Chris Froome

    Hey Cycling Fans and Mr. Tilford, it’s me, Chris Froome, cross training world champion here to brighten your day! I hope you will recall my recent similar running experience during the hardest bike race in the world (“Le Tour De France!”) It involved vile, drunk, ridiculously-costumed cycling fans in search of 15 minutes of fame. Just as we passed the worst offenders at the Basque or Dutch corner someone threw not a beer, but a cup of urine in my face! Surprisingly after that, for each and every 1/4 mile it was the same thing- SPLASH- another face full of cup-urine! On TV you only saw the part where Ritchie Porte slammed into the motorcycle that was previously pacing our breakaway. Stacking it up on Ritchie’s rear wheel I tried to dig my elbow in his back to break my fall, the same way he stabbed Team Sky (TM) in the back when he took our custom RV over to BMC and changed the paint job. The crash broke my Pinarello Dogma 9 and the battery wires were hanging out so I promptly dropped and disavowed my bike before running approximately 1/4 mile upslope before I got any urine at all. To top it all off some guy in a yellow shirt hands me Mavic neutral service bike that required full pedaling. (Total Running distance= 1 mile. Total Urine Cups= 4.)

  8. John

    Heal up Steve! A lot of people care about you so much and are very inspired by you. Hope the headaches go away soon.

  9. Bill Stevenson

    Tony, the word is “anonymity”.

    Although I don’t like the way that Ed commented I certainly agree with what he said. Based on the number of likes that his comment received others do as well.

    If the med schedule that he has shared with us is true he was likely legally impaired. Good to know that he was “going slowly”. That is how most impaired people drive. It would not take much of an accident or even a panic stop to possibly re-injure his still delicate and healing brain.

    I am not trying to be a dick. I have followed Steve for a long time and wish him a full and complete recovery.

  10. Choppy Warburton

    Looking at the bright side…. Steve will be able to load up on so many TUEs that a TdF win is finally in the bag.

  11. Choppy Warburton

    And I will rub two sticks together, do a naked dance around a bush, then stand on my head until I pass out. None of this is expected to help but religious freedom is one of our floundering principles.

  12. DR

    Depending on the severity of the brain injury Steve may have to declare this information to the DMV and his insurance company. If he did have an accident at this point he may in effect be driving on a suspended license and with voided insurance. This is nothing to be taken lightly and should be checked out by those that are caring of him.


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