Grounghog Day

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Okay, this is gonna be another short one.  My head feels like it is going to explode, which it very well might.  This morning is later than the past two weeks.  I think I might have slept 4 hours, or at least I was horizontal for 4 hours.  I probably slept 2 or 3, which is a new high point of the last two weeks.  But the repercussions are severe.  My head isn’t happy with me at all.  I’ve tried all the tricks I’ve learned so far this morning and am still on a 9 out of 10 in headache pain, which is really pretty normal now.

I talked to Stacie for a long time yesterday.  She has been studying about what I need to do and trying to get me into see a real head doctor sooner than later.  That hasn’t exactly worked out yet, but there is a chance.  She told me that there is a chance these headache things are going to be going on for a long time, like way more than 8 weeks.  I’m hoping that is just plain off, but when I’m thinking honestly, that isn’t really surprising.  I’ve never had headaches like this in my entire life.  I guess we’ll see.   It is really strange to me that I can even function at any level with so little sleep for so long.  The body is really amazing considering.

I slept from after midnight until 4 am.  At least I didn’t get up.  I took a handful of medicine an hour ago with no relief as of yet.  That isn’t normal, but like I said, it is a new high water mark for rest.  Funny I don’t feel better.

That’s about it.  This headache thing has pretty much overwhelmed all the rest of my thinking. It hurts bad enough that I’m not accomplishing anything else during the day but waiting for it to go away.  When it does, I just sit in a chair and hope that the feeling might last longer than an hour.  It doesn’t.

Tucker has been super.  He just follows me around the house all day.  He is turning 11 months old in a couple weeks.  He is a great dog.

Tucker has been super. He just follows me around the house all day. He is turning 11 months old in a couple weeks. He is a great dog.


14 thoughts on “Grounghog Day

  1. mv

    The function of that headache is too keep you down and low. Look at it that way.
    Hope you feel better soon though.

  2. The Cyclist

    Really sorry to hear it’s not getting any better. Don’t give up. Keep fighting it. Let’s hope there’s a light at the end of this tunnel even if it feels pretty dark right now.

  3. LD

    I’m so glad you have Stacie as your advocate. With her knowledge and connections, she’s a huge asset, not to mention a wonderful friend. Continued healing thoughts are being sent your way.

  4. DavidL


    The saying I have adopted is the only way through it, is through it. I hope things get better for you soon.

    I want to send well wishes to Trudi too. I know how much my wife has meant to me in the last 5 years of fighting cancer. Caregivers go through a lot each day as we fight our battles. They are angels and I try to tell my wife each day how much I appreciate her. Thanks Trudi for taking care of the old curmudgeon!

    Get well soon Steve!


  5. Dave

    I can’t imagine the pain in your head. I’m sure your 9/10 pain is most peoples’ 12/10.

    Stay strong Steve and I hope that you get well – as fast as possible.

  6. Mike crum

    Steve, again, sorry to hear about your and bills accident. I pray daily and u and bill are in my prayers..I bet you ‘ll get a record of thumbs up on your next post If all it said was ” this is Trudi posting for Steve . Steve won’t be posting for months , until he’s 100 %healed and cleared by all his dr.s”

  7. Paul Boudreaux

    Pulling hard for you Steve. Your mental toughness and your self-belief continue to be inspiring. That said, I hope you do find a way to allow yourself to stand down and make sure your body gets what it needs to recover.

  8. Hans

    Really sorry to hear about the accident. Glad you have folks to help out. Especially Trudi and Tucker. Heal fast my friend!

  9. Fausto

    Great to have advocates on your side, but you have to listen to them too. Everyone keeps saying lay low and dark but you keep posting sunny outside pix. We love you and want you well, stay off the computer and let someone else post for you, take the advice and focus on healing. This is nothing like a “headache” but a major brain trauma. Please don’t rush it, we all know you are the hardest MthrFkr, just heal your old stubborn ass.

  10. euro

    Quit posting, quit reading, quit getting out. I bet you your headache would drop quickly right away.


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