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HI guys.  I’m on such a different level that I’m fluctuating all over the place on an hourly basis, so I’m anywhere from sort of normal, which is a very short thing, to completely jacked, thus I can barely open my eyes and my head is throbbing like the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life.

It is so weird because I’ve crashed and hit my head on the ground quite a few times in my career.  Usually when this happens, I break my collarbone, shoulder, ribs, or something else that overrides the head issue.

This time all I have going against me is my skull being fractured.  Honestly, I actually haven’t seen a real image of how bad a fracture I have, but it is pretty bad.  At least the way my head feels, it is pretty bad.  Both my ears are pretty clogged because they are backed up with blood on the inside.  Thus, I am not hearing very well at any time.

I’m maybe sleeping around 4 hours a day now.  Usually at night I sleep around 2 hours before I wake with a crazy headache.  Then during the rest of the day, I sleep an hour or so a couple more times.

The only way I can sleep is when I take a Perocet an hour before I go to bed.  Perocet along with some ibuprofen give me a couple hours relief.  As soon as that wears off, then it is impossible to sleep anymore.  So, I listen to NPR and just lay around with a cat or Tucker, depending on what time of the day or night it is.

I don’t have another doctors appointment until next Wednesday.  I’m seeing the neurosurgeon on Wednesday morning, then going to an eye doctor to try to figure out why I’m not seeing very well out of my right eye as of yet.  I assume when the head swelling goes down, then the hearing and vision problems won’t be around, but that maybe an all wrong thought, I’m not sure.

I’m losing weight too.  Like crazy.  I think I’m already to about the lightest weight I’ve been the last 3 years and it is just falling a pound a day or so.  I guess I haven’t been eating that much, but can’t really get that under control as of yet.  I’m not exercising at all, which is officially against doctor’s orders.  Even if it wasn’t, I woudn’t be doing it.  My head is so sore that it doesn’t even cross my mind to exercise at all.

The neurosurgeon told me I couldn’t ride for 4 weeks, but he really meant 8.  It will be two weeks by Friday.  It hasn’t gotten any better, so maybe 4 weeks is going to be way too short.  My balance and head are so off that riding a bicycle wouldn’t be the best idea yet.

Yesterday I got a FedEx package from the guys at Strava.  I don’t really know those guys, but am really into going there sometime to check them out.  They sent a super nice t-shirt, plus a Strava jersey that is signed by all the guys at the Strava office, wishing me a quick recovery.  Pretty nice surprise.

Tucker has been super clingy.  He is pretty much following me anywhere I happen to be at.  He sleeps at my feet or my lap pretty much 24/7.  I would love to take him out to the country to let him run loose, but I don’t have that ability right now.  I plan on turning the corner on this stupid head pain soon, so walking in the country will be easy and a daily basis.  RIght now, it isn’t happening.

Okay, I made it until 1 am this morning, now have been awake and it’s approaching 5 am. Listening to the BBC is alright now.  They are sort of skipping the political stuff with Trump and Hillary, so the BBC is okay listening.   The next two weeks is still going to be way too slow for me. It has been raining  the last couple hours, with lots of lightening happening.  It makes the night more interesting.  I took another oxycodone, so I might be able to sleep a couple more hours soon.  Or not, it really doesn’t matter.

Strava jersey that showed up yesterday.

Strava jersey that showed up yesterday.


22 thoughts on “Mid-Week

  1. Calvin Jones

    Steve, he’s my cheap advise to the point of being out of line. You better be dictating these posts to someone as they type. Basic concussion 101, AVOID SCREEN TIME. Get off the laptop/cell/tablet. Dark rooms with no TV.

  2. RW


    These amazing podcasts will pass some hours (you probably already know of them):

    The Moth

  3. John bagley

    Hey Steve, John Bagley here- blast from the KS racing days past. I wanted to agree with Calvin on your brain recovery plan. it’s the most challenging, and different thing. What I understand- you need very very little stimulation. No screen time, probably no TV. The brain needs peace, quiet and darkness. This could be the most important “race” you’ll ever do. One shot at it, too. Your sight and hearing stand the best chance to fully recover if you lay low, very very low. I don’t know the magnitude of your concussion, but I’d say keep very low stimulation. Ask the docs, they will tell you. You’ll win, your body will recover and you’ll be back to riding and winning. Use your tenacity, drive and focus to keep calm and let that brain of yours figure itself out. You’ll get it- bags

  4. Tom Purvis


    Part of the weight loss could be the pain meds. Narcotics like Perc and Vico (and morphine, heroin, etc) shut down your GI among other things. That’s why you probably get constipated at least somewhat. During the Civil War, many of the vets came away addicted to Morphine, which was being given to them not for pain but to keep them from dying of dysentery. It worked because it kept them from shitting out all their fluids (and everything else). They had no antibiotics, so they just used Morphine to keep the soldiers alive until they could get over the dysentary. When I spent my month on pain meds, I lost weight too (which for my body chemistry is very unusual without lots of exercise, of which I was getting none like you). Hang in there man, lots of us pulling for you. Try to be patient, I know how hard that is.

  5. Jeremy Powers

    Sleep as much as you can Steve!!!!! Let your body repair itself and get back to 100%! Stay strong and positive, it will get better and you will be back to 100% soon.

  6. Johan Bruyneel

    You say you’ve lost a ton of weight? Well, I think we can shoot for winning the Tour next summer! Gimme a shout-out. I’m not very busy these days 😉

  7. Robb Mesecher

    Hang in there Steve! Listen to these people…it’s great to hear your thinking so clearly, someone upstairs obviously is watching over you! – it’s a full time job!!!

  8. marc horwitz

    Steve, OXYcotin may help for a while but, please look into medical cannibis !!!! Especially high (no pun) CBD’s, for pain and for appetite !!!
    Get Well Soon,

  9. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Maybe he should consult with his doc about his meds, eh? How do you know that MMJ’s chemistry doesn’t have a contraindication with something he’s already taking? Leave the medical consultation to Floyd up in Leadville.

    One of my neighbors is involved in MMJ edibles production. Grinds the plant up and immerses it in liquid butane. Filters out the solids and then goes through a rather hillbilly process of separating the “good” stuff from the bad. Problem is, there is literally no QC on the quality or purity of the result. No way of knowing just how much of the “bad” stuff is embedded in the hash oil he creates. He doesn’t test it. But he DOES sell the stuff to MMJ dispensaries “no questions asked”. That’s the part I have the problem with. The lack of QC (and the fact that there is literally NO mechanism in place to get one going).

  10. Beth Wrenn Estes

    Remember our Milk Race ambulance years ago? Thinking of you everyday. You are one tough cookie. Praying for you.

  11. jp

    still think trying to use medical marijuana would be beneficial, its worth a try if you could get whatever approval is needed.

  12. MV

    I’m so with the advice to cut all screen time to zero.
    I got it in the head hard by ice in the car, and they did not diagnose me with even a concussion.
    8 years later I still realize how wrong they were.


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