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Man, the days are going by so slowly.  I’m not really on any program other than trying to keep my head from hurting on a constant basis.  I’m not really sleeping much, which is probably the main reason I’m having such headaches.

Bill rode by yesterday afternoon.  He was in the hospital for 3 days.  He has 4 broken ribs and one of his lungs was collapsed, so it took a few days of suction to reinflate it.  His legs are a scabby mess, which mine are too.  I’m not too sure why that happened to both of us.

I don’t have another doctor’s appointment this week, which seems wrong, but I’m not really making any phone calls or doing much, so it is what it is.  Actually I think I might have a vision appointment the next few days, but I’m really not sure about that.  I’m not seeing too well out of my right eye, it is pretty blurry, so the doctor at the ENT called an eye doctor, but I don’t really know when that appointment is right now.

I started getting some bills from the different hospital places.  So far i have been billed nearly $1500 for the 4 mile ambulance ride to the hospital.  Bill was in the ambulance with me.  I wonder if he was charged the same?  Seems like $3000 for two of us being transported to the hospital is crazy high, but the health care system just about everywhere is out of whack, so it is what it is.  I have a zero dollar deductible for accidents, so I’m thinking it all might be covered. But, maybe not.

I have been listening to NPR pretty much all day since I’ve been home.  I can hardly wait until the presidential election is over.  Let’s all just vote and be done with this.   This hasn’t been a highlight of our political system, in my opinion.

I guess I should try to figure more out about this brain trauma I got going on.  I still have nearly 800 emails that I should read.  Maybe next week.  Right now, I don’t have the energy to be on a computer more than a few minutes at a time.

I'm pretty much horizontal as much as I can be all day.  It really doesn't help out much with sleep, but seems to keep my neck from aching constantly.

I’m pretty much horizontal as much as I can be all day. It really doesn’t help out much with sleep, but seems to keep my neck from aching constantly.


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  1. Mike Rodose

    Hang in there Steve. I’m sure it’s pretty miserable, but will ultimately get back to a more normal life.

  2. Thomas

    Steve your head hurts because you had a head injury. You will sleep better as the swelling continues to go down. Relax and rest. Listen to your Doctors. Hope your care givers are doing alright.

  3. Erik Gruenwedel

    Good thing you have medical insurance. You’ve only seen the tip of what the final tally will be. Healthcare costs — regardless of politics — continue to rise, with insurance covering only so much. But that should be the least of your worries at the moment. Get well and back on the back.

  4. Jan

    Take good care.

    If you can listen to NPR, but are tired of election stuff, then maybe a book on CD or tape would be helpful? You could relax with your eyes closed and be a bit entertained, and if you fell asleep, you could just replay anything you wanted to. Public libraries tend to have lots of audio books, on tape, CD, or through an app. I bet a friend could bring you some or set you up.

  5. Wildcat

    Yep, Audible is a good app for audio content. Plus I think they will let new customers do a free 30 day trial. Sports talk radio is another good option.

    Also, I agree with the weed comments. Go hang with Vincent and eat some edibles. Don’t worry about the medicinal deal, the recreational stuff is still super great. Your body and mind will thank you.

  6. numbnuts

    Get well soon…
    1500 for an ambulance ride, wtf… people are going to start to take taxi instead of ambulances to the hospital. That’s craziness.

    I took a nasty wipe out a few days ago on the road ride, came down hard on the handlebars with my ribs. My ribs feel as though they are on fire and I can feel something move when sleeping on my side.
    Kind of wondering if they are busted or maybe fractured or maybe just bruised. I’ve had broken ribs before from a nasty mtb wipe out, that feels like sharp knives. I’m not certain what this could be…

    can’t imagine the pain you must be in, must be nasty.
    As my dad used to say though – only hurts till the pain goes away… as he just handed me the muffler part of the chainsaw… ouch, that hurt!
    pain – what ever doesn’t kill yah makes yah stronger, I guess…

  7. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Funny how weed solves every problem (every time). A solution in perpetual search for problems. And what the hell do neurologists know anyway? They’re all just shills for the opiate industry anyway, right?

  8. Jon Paulos

    Lay low and rest. Frustrating as it may be, that is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Get well.

    And oh my god is that a miniature black-and-white lion? Just how big is that critter? Did it kill and eat Tucker?

  9. TBI ain't no joke

    As much as you may think what you have to say is important, or that the people who follow your blog really want to know what’s going on, you really, really gotta get your compulsion to get online and update your blog under control.

    The longer you go before you get the rest you need, the more likely you won’t recover fully from your trauma. Posting to your blog now won’t mean shit if you end up with significantly diminished cognitive function in the future.

    Put the Keyboard down and back away.

  10. Rick

    I think recent studies have reverses the theory that you need to have zero stimulus- if I remember right they now say physical activity is good for a brain injury.

  11. Barb

    At first report there were 700 emails. hard to say if those 700 existed before the crash, but my guess is not. Now the report is 800 emails. Didn’t any of those emailers read the multiple requests from Vincent not to email? I Agree with TBI Ain’t No Joke’s post about rest. I’m pretty sure the physical activity the responder posted about, is after the swelling has gone down to where the headaches are less frequent. No one can do much when they feel like their head is in a vice except pump more blood through physical exertion and make it worse…In any case, Steve, PLEASE get the rest that is recommended, in spite of being driven to constantly do something, no matter what it is. Sending good thoughts for your recovery…………..

  12. euro


  13. Terri Thater

    Does anyone actually believe Steve will do what he is supposed to do?

    He shouldn’t have been riding so soon after having his knee drained, he wasn’t wearing a helmet, he wasn’t supposed to leave the hospital so soon (and actually had to go back). He’s supposed to be resting (not updating his blog) and he wants to be back on the bike in a few weeks.

  14. Rob Dolman

    I hope you recover quickly and are able to get back to regular life soon. I’ve enjoyed your blogs about cycling. If what I have read is true and that is you were caught out on the bike without a helmet when this all when down then shame on you. I hope you are ready to call yourself out the way you call out the “douchbag” master racers, professionals etc for using PEDs, it’s just as dangerous and stupid. I will be super interested in that blog.

  15. Tilford fan

    What Rick says is true. A combination of stimulation and rest is the best. Your body will tell you when you are overdoing it. THE most important thing is avoiding another head injury for at least a year (or, in the best possible world, forever). Actually, I think it is miraculous that Steve is typing and shows his cognitive functions are really intact and he will make a good recovery. You cannot make the injury worse by thinking or doing, you just delay recovery a bit if you overdo it at some point. This was mantra from my own docs at a brain rehab center last year.

    Way more important then spending a few minutes on the keyboard is getting quality sleep. I hope Steve gets some soon.

  16. Cranky Curmudgeon

    Unfortunately, I think you’re right. I feel I should stop reading his blog. It’s like I’m contributing to one of the many things he’s going to do that will lead to his downfall. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to follow along as that happens.

  17. JB

    Something tells me that many of those emailers don’t read this blog and found out about it from friends, etc.

  18. barb

    *of course* all neurosurgeons and neurologists are just inexperienced clowns with no ethics who don’t know schitz, right? Not. Except the drug pushers are internal medicine doctors, not neurologists. And do any of the highly qualified pot-educated MDs know how a psychotropic drug like THC is going to interact with anti-seizure medicine? Show me some studies please. So if he’s already in a fog due to TBI. he should ingest more cannabinoids, which throw off the natural endocannabinoid system in the brain and make him even foggier?
    Great advice, LOL, now can you please just go home and hit the bong, then eat everything in the kitchen and then take a nap. :o)


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