Kristin Armstrong wins Olympic TT

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Guess Kristin Armstrong put all the arbitration to rest today?  I think so.  Winning her 3rd Olympic Gold medal in a row is something that is unparalleled.  Pretty stellar performance.

I’m off to ride the Dirty Copper Triangle off-road, so am short of time.  I rode from Silverthorne to Georgetown and back yesterday.  That ride goes over Loveland pass from both sides.  70 miles and 7000 feet of climbing.  As usual this trip, we were caught in a downpour and got drenched.  It is supposed to rain after 1 today, so riding back up over Resolution might be ugly, not that it already isn’t.  I looked at last year’s Strava and it took me over 30 minutes to ride 2.1 miles.  And I was going pretty hard.

The men’s time trial should be going on now?  I wish Taylor and Brent good luck!


Jack and Nic up in Silverthorne now.  Tucker is very happy.

Jack and Nic up in Silverthorne now. Tucker is very happy.

23 thoughts on “Kristin Armstrong wins Olympic TT

  1. Anthony Geller

    You may not have realized it, but the title appears in the subject line of an email for subscribers. People trying to avoid seeing results might appreciate not having them show up like that.

  2. Ken

    I’m watching the men’s TT now. I love the fact that at age 58, my most recent TT was faster than the “Olympian” from Namibia. The guy looked like a hipster who pranked the event by riding on the course…

  3. RGTR

    I really hate it when I’m watching the live feed and they refuse to black out the finish. I want to read it later on Velonews.

  4. Choppy Warburton

    Exactly!! Because NBC will cover the event in depth as soon as Billy Bush and Hoda blow each other while the US gymnastic team looks on. And OMG! Another story about how much food Micheal Phelps eats every day and shopping tips from the doorknob daughter of former US presidential disgrace, Jenna Bush.

  5. Ken


    Looks like you kinda missed the point. I’m really slow. See what I’m doing there?
    Lighten up, Francis! Life’s too short!

  6. numbnuts

    love watching the olympics… such an amazing thing – all those countries getting together. good on the USA for winning so many medals!

  7. Chris Horner

    More proof that I would have won the Olympic road race if I had been selected, had to settle for Tour of Utah.

  8. Jim

    I don’t think it validates the selection process at all.
    Besides the fact that conditions were really lousy, Carmen Small beat KA by over a minute at the National Championships. No way to know for sure but could/would she have done the same today?
    We will never know because KA’s coach is involved in the selection process.
    That is the real crux of the matter, is it a fair process to all involved?
    There is no way that the “selectors” didn’t know which way their boss (Jim Miller) was leaning and they made the choice appropriately. In the real “working” world you had better do as your boss wants or you will be looking for new employment.
    Regardless of what USAC might think, it isn’t even close.

  9. Krakatoa East of Java

    That process was clearly rigged. There’s no recusing oneself (even if the boss says to recuse yourself). Glad she won Gold, but after all this, she sorta damn well better have won it.

  10. Touriste-Routier

    You do know that Dan has been a fairly solid UK/Euro Continental rider since 2009 and spent some time with Europcar?

  11. Jeff D

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Phinney retires from pro cycling soon. Seems like after the accident he’s lost some of his fire and found other things of interest. T.P. said that it took the Olympics to motivate to train.

  12. Jackie Gammon

    I have a problem with Taylor pulling out of the road race. I understand that he might have felt like he needed the time to “rest” for the TT… but why take the spot from someone else that may have finished the race? Besides look at Kristin Armstrong, not only did she race the road race, she also did quite a bit of work during the race… then at 43 she won the TT for the third time!! Come on Taylor act like a “pro” cyclist and ride your bike all the way to the finish!

  13. Anthony Geller

    “Come on Taylor act like a “pro” cyclist and ride your bike all the way to the finish!”
    Now that’s funny.


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